Friday, July 15, 2016

different scents.........more hypo - allergenic

There are many different scents/fragrances that you can find for purchase out there, whether it be on a soap, perfume, candles, cleaning solutions, room fragrances, the list goes on...

Bar soaps to bathe with I enjoy using the name brands plain pure Ivory brand, and Pears they do not cause me any allergy problems...I really like those two! clean well...

What I really like is to attend local festivals and purchase homemade soaps...I like all natural, organic homemade bath care items, is a lot of fun for me to look at those booths at the festivals and events.....


Some scents that I try to find all the time I have difficulty finding the specific scents that I know smell good....

I would like to be able to find more of these scents on items, but I never can!


Mimosa Tree flower

Goofball has a flea/tick shampoo that is Violet scented that he enjoys doesn't bother me with allergies whenever I give him a bath with it...I like that!....

I would like to be able to find myself more strawberry bath care items, I enjoy strawberry shampoo but I want to find one that is a very strong astringent shampoo, that works well....and smells like strawberries.....Chocolate scented bath care items! soaps also.....

I can talk all day about the tales of woe I have of being sad because I am an allergy patient who is always let down about scented items I enjoy....pass the tissues.. :(

Now only if Benadryl was scented like these I enjoy!...*sarcastic face*

I have allergies terrible!...AND I always want to purchase a nicely scented item, and then I get home with it, use it, and then I have itchy rash, I sneeze, or I have something like hives!....I am always angry because I like nicely scented items for body care/bath care, hair care, clothing soaps, or even room candles, and perfumes, BUT I always end up sick with allergic reactions or covered in hives....I used a foot care cream item the other day for dry feet and it was a name brand, I broke out in blisters on my feet from using it!...I took a Benadryl immediately and it stopped.....

I just am very tired and disappointed all the time with many health care items, body care items, bath items, and even some cleaning solutions!!! because of allergies.

A person with allergies should be able to enjoy nicely scented items they enjoy without becoming very ill from allergic reactions..i don't know how to solve that one....


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