Friday, August 14, 2015

nostalgia --- Charlie Brown and others.....

Took my Grandma grocery shopping yesterday and we stopped at the Homeland grocery store..It is a nice store and we like the plastic discount cards they give you when you shop...They also give you small plastic cards to place on your key rings....

we like the bakery, deli, and the magazine section they are nice additions to the grocery store...and they are always clean!....

other things----

I was digging in an old box of items I have saved from when I was a child...I found a few of the small plastic figurines I had from then...I don't have the complete sets.....someone probably stole them or they got lost!....*sad face*

I found:

Strawberry Shortcake and friends--scented
Winnie the Pooh and friends
My Little Ponys
Ninja Turtles
Muppet Babies
Glow worm
Mickey Mouse and Friends
Duck Tales
Mario Brothers
Thunder Cats
I also liked Transformers and Gi Joes.....haha!

I had a few Charlie Brown and Peanuts figurines...I like Snoopy and his friends too!

One of my favorite things to do is watch all of the Peanuts cartoons on the tv when they are on for holidays..They are themed cartoons for the holidays...I like to watch them every year...I like the Great Pumpkin cartoon at Halloween...It's my favorite!..i like all the colors and I just like Halloween and the fall season they're favorites of mine as well....everybody knows that!...haha!

They have so many peanuts collectibles...I think I even had a Peanuts glass I collected and I accidentally dropped it....*sad face*....

One thing I do know of is that Mcdonalds restaurants had a ton of collectible toys back then with their meals that were contained in clear plastic...Oh wow I liked getting those collectibles as a child!...Some of these figurines I know must be from there with the researching I have done online....

I think some of their toys were even their restaurant characters....

I like all that nostalgia...


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