Monday, August 10, 2015

stop animal testing and stop the fur trade !!!......

Animal testing is something that I DO NOT like !!!

After many years of people testing things on animals I do not think that is something that should have ever been done in this world and I do not think it should ever happen at all ever again....but it still does happen...makes me VERY upset, sad, and angry!!!

they go through with soooo many terrible experiments on animals...they hurt them and kill them!...just to study some stupid product or medicine!!! makes me sad and cry!....I do not like that at all and I wish that it would all end!.....they get so many animals from shelters and do horrible experiments on them and give them ailments/diseases and study them!...

it's just awful! no animal should ever go through that!....if they want to experiment like that, why don't they study themselves, other people---NOT little poor defenseless animals!!! they have no way to defend themselves!

Whenever I go into a store to purchase a product I always make sure that it states on the labeling somewhere---NOT tested on animals......if it doesn't say that I will never purchase that product.....I only purchase the items that say "No Animal Testing" or "NOT tested on animals."

it is usually the make-ups, sprays, hygiene items that you have to be careful about who may be testing on animals..i'm sure there are many other products you need to watch for that...I will NEVER support any products who test on animals!!!...I wish all products and items were NO ANIMAL TESTING.

I smile when I purchase a product and it says NO Animal Testing on the label....

something else that makes me VERY sad, angry, and disgusted is the fur trade in the world...It needs to end and it is very upsetting the way little defenseless animals are once again destroyed and they are born to be used for is sickening and sad!!!...very awful and I cry about that all the time when I see people with fur on.....

I know many people need to be aware of what happens to the animals when they are skinned alive for their fur and tossed into a pile and die!....It just upsets me terribly and I cry when I know that still goes on in the world...I HATE this and the animal testing!!!

The fur trade needs to be STOPPED!....People are very sick and disgusting to want to do this to animals and to be involved in something so awful!!!

I will NEVER wear fur and I will NEVER be told that it is ok and in style to wear it!....If people have any furs they need to be given to very poor people in poverty who are actually very cold and have nothing to wear for warmth...

it's sickening that so many animals are killed and born just so someone can wear a fur coat for a few days or hours and say they are in style....You can watch videos online about how awful, sick and upsetting it is and how they skin these little animals alive!...I cry when this goes on in the world and it makes me very upset with the world and the people who do these awful terrible sad things to animals...!!!

these are things that destroy me and break my heart everyday when I know this still goes on and there are idiot people in this world who are involved in this and idiots who support things like animal testing and the fur trade...they are all stupid idiots!

every time I see someone in furs I see what happened to that little animal and I see a very disgusting person and stupid person!....

people should NEVER wear furs and NEVER support the fur trade....NEVER support animal testing.

no animal should ever suffer like that or be born to be turned into a coat for some idiot to wear....or experimented on to make a stupid product!!!


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