Tuesday, September 1, 2015

my favorite taco restaurants...people working fast food....

Some of my favorite restaurants are mexican food.

Tacos packs have to be my favorite menu items...single taco purchases aren't too pricey and they are simple...you can get several and share them with family/friends for dining....

I like to drink water or juice drinks with my meals...I like Coca-Cola but I have been having kidney issues and I can't drink it much anymore.

I enjoy dining at a few eateries these are a few:

Taco Bueno
Taco Bell
Taco Mayo

I also enjoy dining at many authentic mexican food restaurants....I like the authentic food.

I love all of the menu items and I have tried almost all of them...

they call it fast food when you dine at many restaurants because it is prepared quickly and whenever I see someone working fast food restaurants I know that those people are not paid enough for all the stress and work they have!....they work the intercom, drive-thru, window, prepare sodas/drinks, then turn to the side and work on preparing meals for the customers in the building and at the window!

I just think Wow! lots of constant work......How much work those workers do everyday for most the day...oh my goodness!...people just need to realize how much work goes into fast food...and customers need to always be kind and respectful while waiting for their food orders...it is a very fast paced, stressful business.......

I have seen so many customers be very rude to the fast food workers and that is something that upsets me and angers me!....customers should always be respectful and kind in line or at the windows.....

it is a paid job and when people work fast food they are working and making progress toward something much better and also collecting a pay check!....nothing wrong with that!

always be kind to people who are preparing your meal.

All fast food restaurants have health codes and regulations for cleanliness as well...so they are constantly working on something to be cleaned in the kitchen, taking food orders, working windows, or counters...lots of tough work!

be kind and respectful at all times.


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