Friday, April 8, 2016

abusive relationships.....end them!

Sometimes people are in abusive relationships and they stay in them for many reasons, because they think there is no way out of them, or because they truly love the abusive person....

It can be very upsetting when you have loved, cared for, and trusted another person you are with, this happens many times in life with friends, family members, and boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives it goes on with everyone....

there are many types of abuse that people can suffer, emotional, and physical abuse can really hurt a person and damage them....People have to be strong and wise enough to know that you do not need to put up with that BS!..IF someone you love/care for is constantly abusive and hurts you emotionally and physically kick them to the curb and be rid of them!...No one should have to live their life with people who are mean, abusive, terrible to them...

When someone physically hurts you, batters you, terribly abuses you, they DO NOT care about you! they like to play games with your heart, and say: "I'm sorry, forgive me!"....and then they will abuse you again, yell or hit you!...just leave them behind! and go on with your life...

I have NEVER understood why I have heard about and witnessed so many women who stay with abusive men, they will have black eyes where they have been punched in the face, and sometimes will almost die from the abuse!....It should NEVER go on....REAL men don't hit loved ones that they are in a relationship with and that they love.....AND they don't break their hearts either...I would Never put up with that BS!...I would leave right then!

same goes for women, you don't abuse your loved ones and I know that this goes on as well in many relationships....REAL women don't abuse their loved ones....their children, or their spouse, or their friends/ many women are abusive as well as the men, and this needs to END.

too many times in marriages and/or romantic relationships the abuser will commit adultery and sleep around with other people and it will terribly hurt the wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend to be cheated on, and that is so upsetting, nasty, terrible, and sad.....THEN they will say: " Oh, I didn't cheat on you with another, come back to me!" and they will beg and plead for you to come back to them---I'd laugh in their face and say: "Adios piece of sh*t!" and that would be the end of that!...I would leave and never return....

Anybody who cheats on a romantic love/spouse, or anybody who abuses their loved ones needs to be left in the dust of your tires driving on down the road away from them...haha!

Men, Women, and children all have suffered abuse and it needs to end....there is no reason for that to continue on in anyone's life!

too many times the abuser in the relationship will keep their other half down, be hateful, scream at them, and keep them feeling less than so they will think that they can't find anyone else...they try to control them....and when that goes on, you should just leave, go forward with your life, and never look back....

I think often that people are scared to be alone, and that is sometimes why they stay with abusive others! are fine on your own away from the abuser, you will find others who will be good for you to enjoy life with!...keep searching for good people.

it can be very sad to end a relationship especially when previously before your loved one treated you with respect, love, and did actually care for you, then it's over because of the way they became toward you for whatever reason....but just go on.

walking away and never returning to your loved one because of the terrible abuse they have done to you is the BEST thing a person can achieve in life...always remember you deserve better in life than to be terribly abused!...get out and leave them! no one should ever be terribly hurt and abused by another who "pretends" to love them.

when someone hurts you terribly, they do not love leave.

Love is NEVER about being mean, jealous, or terribly abusing you.

When you love someone---you respect them, care for them, adore them, want to spend your life with never abuse them physically or emotionally---by screaming at them constantly, or belittling them, making them feel less than!

all kinds of relationships should never be, when there is no love don't waste your time trying to have a relationship when you know there is no love there for you...that's stupid.

it can be upsetting to walk away, but when you know you need to end your relationship with another and never return, you must always know that there are plenty of good people out there that will never abuse you ever....plenty of good people out there to be friends with, family with, boyfriend/girlfriend with, and to be husband/wife with! so find them when you end a terribly abusive strong! can and will be much better when you find those good people to share your life with!

I don't think anyone should ever be all alone in life and I don't think anyone should spend their life in a sad abusive relationship! life can and will be much better when you take that step to end the abusive relationship and go on! :)

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