Monday, April 25, 2016

adopt a ferret today!.....

Sometimes in life you have the cutest little creatures to be family and friends with....and you can adopt them! Take good care of them and love them! They are your family when you take that step to adopt one! Name them something cute! ;)

When I go to a pet store I always see the cute little Ferrets.

I have to stop and admire those sweet little creatures through the glass enclosure! They make me giggle and laugh..they are always playful, silly, rowdy, mischievous and sleeping....Haha...I think they are so cute!....I wish to adopt a few Ferrets sometime in the future, I just can't right now...sometime soon would be so nice to adopt a few new best pals/Family members!

Whenever they are sleeping they are all snuggled up together to keep warm, they play with their little toys, they need to be fed and watered properly, cages cleaned daily, they need bathed, veterinarian visits for all vaccinations, they need to be kept safe from other pets in your home, who may be mean to them or hurt them! My problem right now is having enough space for a Ferret and then there's the fact that Pumpkin Cat is very hateful/jealous over other pets...he can get very grouchy!..He might be very mean to a Ferret pal, so I need to wait until I can find the space to have a Ferret in my home...

IF you have no pets, and you are able to have a pet, I think a rambunctious little Ferret pal would be a good one to adopt today!

I know how smart the Ferrets are, and how mischievous they are, and how very playful those little fellows are! I know they require a lot of attention from you, and they wish for you to play with them and their little toys they chew and roll over with...aww! so cute!

they make me laugh and I can't stop giggling sometimes at them in the pet stores when they are playing with their toys and I just start giggling at sweet and cute! anytime you can laugh and giggle with your pet pals, you know you have a best pal and new family member forever!...

ALWAYS take very good proper care of any pet and any Ferret needs plenty of love/care...NEVER let them outside, because they can be lost easily!...oh, that would be so sad!!! :(

ADOPT a Ferret today!


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