Wednesday, April 20, 2016

more hillbilly crap.....

My Grandparents have been being harassed lately by someone at night outside their home...I get so sick and tired of this crap! I suppose I will have to stay on the porch one night and catch these hillbilly idiots with a gun or pepper spray!..

My Grandparents both have been hearing someone at night outside their bedroom windows and they keep asking them  about how much money they have, and telling them they are going to get them or something like that, and they yell at night in the driveway!!!.....then My grandma said a vehicle will leave all in a hurry...I am so ready to get rid of these hillbillies!!!...

They keep following me and my Grandma in the stores and looking in the shopping cart, running their mouth off, and trying to take pictures of our shopping cart, they snirl their nose, stare and whisper at us....stupid idiots!....they're all up to no good again...sick of them!!!

my Grandparents are elderly and you don't harass them like that ever!....they cannot sleep with all this going on....sick of harassment from the hillbilly losers....!!!..something is going to have to be done to get rid of these idiots, I guess I will have to stay the night on the front porch and catch them!...I don't care anymore! I have had it with these nasty people!!!...

THEN the dangerous hillbilly trashy kinfolks in another town are always trying to plan some family get together and now a family reunion!...Yeah well, they won't find me there at their stupid family reunion, they're all so stupid and annoying! they're trying to tell a great-aunt that she needs to cook this and that for a family reunion!....*eyeroll* I don't like any of them! sick of them!..last time they had a family reunion they had a fight and screamed at each other---" You think you're better than me! B*tch!"..yelling all the time....Just always something stupid, dangerous, crazy going on..they are too much, too stressful constantly bickering/fighting making threats!....I just can't stand this anymore.....always planning some stupid family reunion or something idiotic to fight at or be nosy at....!


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