Saturday, April 2, 2016

attaining happiness.....

People have their priorities all wrong most times.

People should NEVER worship false idols, drugs, riches, power and too expensive materialistic items.

No one should think that happiness evolves from owning/attaining all kinds of riches, over expensive materialistic items, having power, taking drugs...Because all of those things are just a waste of time! Too many people worship all of these things, and it brings them down...greed is there, takes over and ruins your life, too much is NEVER enough they want more and more!...sadness.....People who have lives like this, usually have boring sad lives, and people will become very jealous over them, and I always wonder why?....Because even though they may seem to have it all, they usually don't have anything, nothing to ground them or offer comfort....and that is awful.

Being without all these "exclusive" things as they all have always called it, you can be happy without all that mess! When you may be "broke as a joke" with only $5 in your wallet and a small bank account (like me!) you can find contentment and comfort in life when you realize and you know in your heart that all those riches and etc are just a "flash in the pan" here today, gone tomorrow...

A person can be happy when they know what counts in life, and should matter in life, and often times people overlook the simple things in life---those simple things, simple days are the best days!....Being able to go to a Dollar Store with loved ones and purchase candy or cookies and giggle while doing this, then leaving the store and going to a baseball game and enjoying the game with friends---those are good days, and those are real days...when you are free to laugh and be with good trustworthy friends and family, your loved ones...those kind of days are what matter and what count!!!

We should always strive for and search for a life like that..Who cares if you don't have much money, you don't own riches or $500 purses and shoes? should NEVER matter...I don't have any of that! and I am happy with simple days, I have been taught that way by my good family...there's not much money, and you have to go without many items, and make very sure you are always saving money....forget purchasing or wanting useless too expensive items...they don't matter! we don't have to have the most expensive branded items!...I never do...I don't care.

My Grandma always says:" Be happy with the life that God gave you" and you have to learn to make ends meet and pay bills, go without outlandish over expensive purchases, and know and realize that those things don't count or matter...

Being able to have trustworthy caring, loving friends/family to live with, laugh with, learn with, cry with, and get over terrible times with, is all a person needs! You cannot find comfort in a $55,000 car or $5,000 purse!/Those are just materialistic items, they can't hug you, or laugh with may be able to drive a car and laugh in a car, drive away for awhile, but that's about doesn't give hugs or laugh with you!

you should be able to enjoy life, and not worry about starving yourself all the time to be able to fit in with lousy snobby over critical people....Stay Away from those people!..They aren't good and will ruin your life...they're so BORING and ANNOYING...they all have their priorities wrong, they're all about over expensive materialistic items and starving yourself...*yawn* eyeroll*....haha! blah blah blah..who cares!...because I don't like those kinds of people....I stay away from them, they don't know what life should be about....I laugh at them.

Life is more enjoyable when things are simple and you live within your means, and being content/happy with what you have, and realizing that all those overexpensive materialistic items don't matter....they don't count!....Having good friends/family members who love and care about you is all that should matter, being poor and not having much money it doesn't matter! I know all about that!....You have to learn to save money, and know that all that overexpensive crap doesn't matter...who needs it?...nobody....People with their priorities all wrong waste so much money on that overexpensive junk.

DO NOT ever care what anyone thinks about you, their opinions do not matter!..IF they make fun of you, laugh at them and go on...they're all idiots....that's all I have ever done is laugh at those who make fun of me.....I don't give a damn what they think about me!...they don't count!...haha!

So enjoy those days of laughter, not caring about what people think about you, enjoy shopping cheap, going to baseball games, and learning to appreciate the simple things in life, because that is all I ever do!.....Haha! 

make very sure you appreciate your good pals, and your good family members that you can always laugh with and enjoy life with.....riches, stupid materialistic items, drugs, power, and greed should NEVER be priorities in your life..AVOID them....they will ruin your life and relationships...

I love laughter/giggling, being funny/silly and I think we should all learn to laugh more often, relax more often, worry less, less stress, and have less low self able to enjoy life!

being able to enjoy life as best we can when we have not much money, is the best thing we can all work toward everyday......learning to attain happiness in current situations is good for us all.


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