Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Everyone needs help sometime in life, unfortunately sometimes it is serious medical attention/help..And when you live in these far away isolated areas of rural farmland, small towns, you do not always have that accessibility and it is very upsetting and dangerous to have no access to fully equipped medical staff/team!

And the sad part is, that most of the areas near here do not have a state of the art hospital equipped with EVERYTHING a hospital would need to cover any medical attention you might have to have help with! should cover ALL medical issues! A-Z in the medical book.

It has happened before to a few family members that have needed immediate medical help for serious life-threatening conditions, and the stupid part is that they have to be air-evac/medi-flighted  all the way to OKC to get immediate medical care for these serious life threatening issues!!!....

It is so STUPID that many areas of Oklahoma have to rely on hospitals in Oklahoma City to save their lives!!!..they have to be air evac/medi-flighted by helicopter and medical teams all the way to OKC just to get immediate help to save their lives that is special medical care for medical conditions that these local hospital are not equipped to help with!...STUPID that this goes on in this state...ALL areas of the state should have state of the art hospitals there, so we don't have to lose precious time with our loved ones lives!!!The time it takes to be air-evac/medi-flighted you are losing time saving someone's life!...It should not have to go on that we in these areas of the state have to rely solely on OKC's hospitals to get medical care for serious medical ailments/issues/problems!!!

The Air-Evac program is brilliant and I think it is wonderful! It saves so many lives and the medical attention gets to the patients sooner than having to drive all the way to OKC by car to seek serious crucial medical attention/care!...All areas need to have this program to save lives in times of serious medical problems....AND all areas need to have up to date, clean, professional, state of the art hospitals equipped, with great trained medical staff to solve/help with ANY serious medical problem...it can/will save lives! We shouldn't have to rely on OKC hospitals, I know they are full to capacity all the time!
I also think that the Air-Evac program should be more affordable, because it is way too expensive! we always think about our health and it can cause anxiety/stress/worry when you have a loved one who will often seek serious medical attention and you know you may need Air-Evac........again...NEEDS to be more affordable to everyone..it is just outrageously expensive on families..Wonderful program and it is needed everywhere,but just way too expensive....it would be so much better to have the state of the art hospitals locally in all areas of the state so we all can stop worrying so much about precious time with people's lives! and finding a medi-flight right at that moment!...sometimes the Air-Evac is backed up and gone with a patient...happens all the time...upsetting! I know the pilots/medical emergency teams work all the time, they must be so exhausted...I appreciate all the good work they do for everyone when they can!...we all need them available...

Pilots are needed for these Air-Evacs and I know how stressful that must be! you are saving lives working in these occupations and that is always something good and needed for everyone! they save lives and change the world for the better just like the Doctors, nurses, medical staff....appreciate them!

I have had to rely on local small town medical clinics my whole life, often because the travel is too expensive or the care is unaffordable...So when you live in rural areas your health often has to depend on the care of a small town medical clinic and your Doctor is sometimes a PA with a very small medical staff, barely no waiting room, no privacy, and very tiny exam rooms and you can hear the next room with a patient in it talking to the Doctor(no privacy)...They often are very unclean with bugs crawling on the floor or trash not properly disposed of lying next to trash cans, and they stink sometimes!....oh well.....

Often they have nasty trashy people working at these local medical clinics who I know have been involved in nastiness with my family members and they run and go tell my hillbilly family members how much my bill was, run their mouth off at me hatefully, snirl their nose at me, be unkind/unhelpful/unfriendly, THEN go tell everyone what was wrong with me, and how I paid for my bill with cash/check.....

Oh, those people that work at those medical clinics have made me so damn mad telling ALL of my medical visits! I haven't had anything embarrassing go on with myself, but I don't like all of my medical history/business out there about bills and all that out there for people to talk about/look at!!! STUPID TRASHY PEOPLE!!! STUPID Hillbilly kinfolks have yelled at me:"They said you paid your whole medical bill off with cash! Where'd you get money for that at!!! Probably MY MONEY B*TCH!"..... I NEVER have understood them and their crap!*eyeroll* sick and tired for many years of this!, and they're the ones causing me all the stress making me sick all the time!!!....oh well...

They just need monitored, clean, good trustworthy, trained people working these medical clinics, they need to be sanitary, advanced and up to date....professional!

These local small town medical clinics are very good to have in all local areas and available to the rural areas in case of quick care needs! Someone is always needing Urgent Care right then!, farming communities need this with all the serious medical attention that is needed for awful accidents, and maybe sometimes no time to drive all the way to city, as I mentioned before....

Quick Care is wonderful to have available in all small towns, "walk-ins are welcome" is a good plan for these, with a few Doctors./PA's/nurses stations they need to be advanced with all the new equipment, be sanitary, larger rooms, and you should not have to wait in a stinky waiting room for 5 hours just to see a Doctor!..How many times have we all had to set in the waiting room that long??!

Having the up to date technology for emergencies there locally for the rural farming communities/small towns is something needed! It is always a good thing to have for people and being able to resuscitate someone is always good, saves lives! The up to date equipment/trained medical staff should be there in all areas everywhere to create work occupations, help the local economy, and to help relieve the stress of having to travel 100 miles just to seek medical help for these rural/smalltown people!...Being able to pay cash/check if you do not have health insurance is good too! and needed....

Doctors, PA's, are both wonderful to have, and when they are trained and quickly know almost exactly what is wrong with your body, that is always a RELIEF!...I appreciate and admire those Doctors, PA's Nurses--all medical staff who are kind, calming, brilliant, trained, and who actually care about what is ailing you and want to help others with medical attention! That is how they should all be...they are true medical care teams!


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