Thursday, April 7, 2016

internet repair....windy weather !!!

Seems as though the windy weather knocked over my internet receiver.

I had to have it repaired today.

The windy weather has been very fierce and terrible!....It knocked  my sunglasses off my face almost! and knocked other things over outdoors....

It has caused me terrible sneezing and allergies..AhChoo! pass the allergy medicine and tissues!.

I have been watching Stormy (my cow) she is going to be having her first baby very soon and I am nervous about this!..When she has her baby I am hoping she has no troubles...I am going to name her baby Rain Drop...if it is a boy baby cow or girl baby cow...I will name it Rain Drop....I think that is a cute name.

she has been lying on the hay near the barn and stretching and laying her head down, twitching her tail...she may be getting ready to have her baby...I am very nervous and excited!

I raised her on a bottle when she was a new baby calf, her mother deserted her, so I raised her...I worry about her, because I cannot believe she is now going to have her first baby calf!!! :)

been watering her and she is enjoying the hay and green grasses....It has been very warm and windy weather, and she goes into the barn and sleeps....

My garden needs some rainfall and I am hopeful that the clouds will bring rain/storms so that will help me out with watering the garden....

I hope it doesn't drought again this year.


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