Saturday, April 9, 2016

nasty hotels / motels.....

I saw the cutest little yellow bird in a store yesterday! it was embroidered on a small piece of cloth, I thought it was so cute, I picked it up and looked at it and it was Little Suzy's Zoo for babies clothing, I thought it might be something for spring cleaning....aww, that little bird is so cute!

but anyway,

Purchased a few items yesterday while running errands for my Grandma.

I found two Adult coloring books for $3 at the Dollar General, one was Dogs & Cats, the other was Flowers, I enjoy coloring these with the coloring pencils, stress-relief!!!... THEN at the grocery store I found and purchased a Pepperidge Farm--Cake(you keep these in the refrigerator) very good!...I also enjoy their Pepperidge Farm---Garlic/Cheese Bread that you bake for Spaghetti/Lasagna dinners...good!..i know they have good cookies also.

while driving through town I saw a Motel and I think about how run-down and nasty some of those Hotel/Motels are--they're gross!...icky! the nastiness that goes on in those..

Years ago, I was wanting to work office work at a hotel when they had an advertisement in the paper for office help needed...So I inquired about the occupation there and they said ok, stop by for an interview...I went and I was dressed properly and they behaved oddly and this snobby biaatch says: " Oh , I just wanted you to clean, my daughter got the office work job." she was snobby as could be!!!...anyways, she ended up being kin to my Grandma and my Grandma was upset I applied to work anywhere near that nasty biaatch!..I didn't know anything about that woman or that nasty hotel, it was new built, grand sized, and looked nice outdoors, but icky and sicko/nasty as could be indoors...I was just looking for a part time job/occupation...I was in for a surprise....creepy!

I went ahead and cleaned for one day, and I immediately quit by the end of the day..The other cleaners at the Hotel behaved angry when I asked for sanitary cleaning rubber gloves to wear, and I am not ever going to clean something where others have been living without sanitary rubber gloves, because you can get diseases from nastiness where others have been staying cleaning toilets, changing bed linens, bath tubs/showers I used gloves while cleaning...

a person needs to always look out for drug needles in bed sheets so you won't get hurt and become ill with disease from those nasty things when cleaning a room there!..scarey!....the rooms looked torn into pieces like someone had a wild nasty bunch of people in there the night before, drug paraphernalia everywhere..sick! smelled disgusting!!!...I wanted to puke!..*gag* just filthy! I knew it was dangerous and nasty!...

they didn't clean properly or even sanitize anything, no bleach or any really good cleaner, just a bottle of some kind of solution they had didn't have anything in it really, they used the same cleaning cloth to clean the toilet as well as the kitchen table!!!...*Gag* I asked: " Why are you using the same cloth for the toilet and kitchen table? that's disgusting! a cleaning girl said: " Oh it doesn't matter, we have too many rooms to clean we have to be done by the end of the day."...I got sick and wanted to puke....nasty!...

just hillbilly crap all the time around here for many years...that is so typical of these local businesses in these areas, they are disgusting, I knew my hillbilly family was involved in that one, they screamed at me for applying for a job where their girls worked! they screamed: " We made money off that place you Bitch!"..."We're gonna kill you!"....I hate all those damn nasty pieces of sh*t!!! they ruin EVERYTHING!..they're all embarrassing hillbillies!

then another cleaning girl told me: " If a Doctor comes in here, he may be doing abortions for women that stay here OK, and if you see this go on, do not tell anyone, because you will get in trouble!" then she named a few doctors who were doing these abortions and I couldn't believe the doctors whose names were said who were taking part in this corrupt crap going on at this Hotel...I knew then and there that something nasty, sick, very corrupt and organized was taking place.....They told me, "When you work here long enough, if you lose weight and get down to a size 4 you will make more money! " and she winked at me! I like all my girls to look good, we have a lot of very wealthy guests stay here, they were all oil field big wheels--snobs..I thought: "What is all this??!" I got creeped out about it right then....most the women were very snobby and a size was very weird and creepy...I immediately quit that day...I knew it had to be something with prostitution!....I was upset, angry, creepy feeling about all that....I left and that was it for that place!...I just knew that my nasty hillbilly family had to have been involved in that nasty dangerous place! as usual...I left!!!

These hotels/motels need to be sanitized and properly cleaned at all times, they need good dependable workers/cleaners that are good people, cleaning properly, they need to be updated, demolished if they are too run down, they are often very dangerous places, and they should NEVER be involved in any nastiness and corruption!..I didn't know anything about that new hotel, I just answered a job advertisement!!!..wish I hadn't have!!!...why can't we ever have anything that is professional, monitored, clean, tidy, nice looking up to date, not trashy? and never dangerous....pathetic!


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