Saturday, April 16, 2016

homemade pizza, pizza restaurant, or frozen......

I was able to purchase a few new sports drinks yesterday....I found two that I really like! Arctic Blitz Gatorade, Icy Charge Gatorade and THEN I found a PowerAde that is better than anything I have ever like before called Twisted Blackberry Cherry!...It is good...I like many Blackberry food items and this is one of my favorites!...I hope it is not just a limited edition!!! it should be there all the time to purchase.....

I enjoy drinking these sports drinks with many meals....I take so many allergy pills that dehydrate me!...sports drinks seem to help with re-hydrating me...they work for me....they're great in the summer when you are outdoors working also.....

Pizza is something that I like to enjoy with sports drinks often, i like tea, water, and i know people enjoy those sodas with their pizzas!...I like creating pizzas at home and actually it is a lot of fun purchasing the ingredients at the grocery stores, and baking the homemade pizza at home.....

for ingredients i like to use Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese, Black olives, Onion, Italian Pizza Spice(in the crust) Pizza Sauce, Mushrooms..I sometimes create my own pizza crust, or i purchase the pre-mix add water pizza crusts available...any will be just fine....and they have the already made pizza crusts for purchase--Boboli, Mama Mary's are two brands i have seen and then you have the canned pizza crusts and breadsticks different brands....You know, a person can create many different kinds of pizzas they may like to, they use all kinds of ingredients....whatever you like! ;)

Frozen Pizzas are just as good and when you are in a hurry you can just quickly bake them at home after you purchase one...many different kinds/ginormous or small pizzas..all different prices...I have also seen Take and Bake specialty stores, where you purchase a frozen made pizza from a specialty store and take it home...they are fresh, supposed to be anyway! stores/Chain Stores have most of these purchase and bake at home.

Frozen Pizza brands i enjoy are----
Red Baron
California Pizza Kitchen
Screamin' Sicillian
Wild Mike's
Sam's Choice
Great Value
 i always purchase a small sack of Mozzarella Cheese to place on some of these frozen pizzas, because i like them with extra cheese...then i bake them....

With my pizza purchased or created at home i also enjoy--Cheesy Garlic Bread, Breadsticks with Cheese, a salad, and i like to use ranch dressing/pizza sauce as sides to place the pizza into...that's good!

Restaurant Chain Pizzas i purchase as well--Pizza Hut, Domino's, Little Caesar's, CiCi's, Mazzio's, Papa John's...

pizza is something i really enjoy and it is fun to create, purchase and choose a favorite pizza, many different types, kinds,  just whatever you can afford and you enjoy.


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