Thursday, April 28, 2016

car washes, keeping car clean....

I know that I have got to keep my vehicle washed at all times, living on an unpaved stays dirty/dusty/muddy..

I like to use any car wash that works properly!

the self serve/wash and vacuum, spot-free, wax, car perfume spray---save coins!

the drive thru wash--let someone wash it for you! for cost.

OR just the car wash at home with a water hose and soap, vacuum, cleaning supplies, air freshener..

Whenever I wash the vehicle and vacuum at home I like to use a shop vac to vacuum the vehicle and Detail the interior by using sprays, foams that clean well...

I cannot stand stepping into a vehicle and seeing nasty trash everywhere, stains, stinky interior smell!!!.....icky! I just want to puke! We have all got to keep our vehicles clean!...One time someone had an old moldy hamburger in their car(one of my friends)...Haha!....I just laugh about that!...I think it was fossilized it was so old!....that's just gross!....People have got to keep their vehicles CLEAN interior/exterior!

I think it's best to always try to keep your vehicle cleaned, they look nicer, smell nicer, and won't be so messy that you cannot find your car ownership papers...or you cannot even find yourself in your own car!...haha!

when you are moving something or placing something into the interior or back seat of your vehicle---always make sure you remove it and place it where it needs to go, don't leave junk/clutter in your vehicle!

Remove all food wrappers, bottles, junk papers--Throw in the Trash after using them!...I have seen a lot of laziness, and stupidity in other's vehicles before!..*eyeroll*

these are a few car cleaning, air freshener brands I use:
Little Trees
Yankee Candle car scents
Citrus Magic

I like the cute plastic air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror, shaped like fruits...they smell very nice...I enjoy all fruit air freshener smells.....

off brands work just as well, you can find a lot of the car cleaning items at the Dollar Stores, very doesn't cost that much to self-clean your car and keep it looking and smelling nice...I just cannot stand to see nasty trash and neglect of things....laziness!


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