Sunday, April 10, 2016

BBQ.....grilling outdoors....

I enjoy BBQ's, outdoor meals on tables, and I also enjoy grilling outdoors on a grill...I like propane and charcoal grills, and using mesquite, pecan, or hickory wood chips under the charcoal...

Be careful when you place lighter fluid onto the charcoals....I like any grill that works't use too much of any of the fuel that you fire with....smells good!

things I like to grill for a meal are:

Salmon steaks
hot dog weenies
corn on the cob--margarine/butter/seasonings

I like to place foil wrap on to the top of the wire grill then place my food items to grill there and close the grill....I enjoy butter/margarine, canola oil, many seasonings, liquid smoke-sometimes, salt, pepper on these food items to grill....I like the grill and the smokey flavor of the items that are grilled....

brands of charcoal briquettes I have used before are----Kingsford, Best Choice

lighter fluid--I like any brand that works well with the charcoal.

wood chips--I see these at most stores, I enjoy Kingsford, and Jack Daniels wood chips.

BBQ sauces that I enjoy are--KC Masterpiece, Jack Daniels, Sweet Baby Ray's, Head Country--(it's Oklahoma!)..

sometimes we enjoy purchasing already made BBQ in a small plastic tub, chicken, pork, or beef...I like Lloyd's, Jack Daniels, Sweet Baby Ray' can just easily make a sandwich with hamburger buns..i like to add a small amount of mustard to mine when I create these....I like to purchase and make seasoned fries/potato wedges with these--I bake them(I always like them seasoned) with'm so funny about certain food items,  they have to be so, so...just right for me... ;)

pre-made potato salad or homemade is good with BBQ dinners---Reser's is a good brand I like...I enjoy the Deviled Egg Potato Salad they have, and the mustard...I think there is also one with mayonnaise...I haven't tried that one yet.....ALWAYS check the expiration date on these! so you won't become ill, and keep these refrigerated always! I also enjoy the macaroni salad and the sandwich spreads.....Pimento cheese is something I like....I like all of their items for purchase...good!

sometimes we have macaroni and cheese too with BBQ, I like Kraft, Velveeta, the one from Save a lot(with broccoli in it) Annie's--off brands are good too, or homemade...

lol...anyways..I enjoy grilling outdoors and BBQ's during the spring/'s a tradition...


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