Saturday, April 23, 2016

sandwiches, chips, and snacks.....

I know that now Summer season is on the way, it will be time to just fix a sandwich and go on through the hot weather...I saw a person at town yesterday carrying a brown paper sack lunch in their hand going to a ballgame...The brown paper sack lunch reminds me of attending school years back, and how I thought it was neato to prepare a lunch and place it there into the small brown paper sack...just a plain brown paper sack....isn't that silly how I like that??!

I like to still create sandwiches...Sandwiches are simple in the Summer...I have created many throughout the years...

This is just for fun today, I'm blogging about this stuff!..I just laugh at myself!....Haha!...

any bread works...rye, white, wheat, potato bread, multi-grain, sour dough....

I  ALWAYS add lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, cheese...mustard or mayo---but not together! like Swiss Cheese, Cheddar, American

French's Mustard and Miracle Whip, Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil, or Hellman's Real Mayo...any off brand works great too!

SANDWICHES I have created:

Roast Beef with cheese and Mayo or Mustard.
Pimento Cheese with just mayo
Scrambled Egg with just Mayo..Pepper/Salt
Turkey, Cheese, Pepperoni, with Mayo or Mustard, vegetables.......
Ham with Cheese, Mustard or Mayo, vegetables
Bacon Sandwich, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato---they call it a
BBQ sandwich with Mustard on Hamburger Bun
Tuna Fish that is packed in Sunflower Oil ONLY-Mix in Mayo,Onions, Pickles, then add lettuce.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich made from Chicken in Can---mayo, red grapes, onion, small apple pieces,vanilla yogurt, cracked pepper...some salt..
Bologna and cheese with Mayo or Mustard and vegetables.
Turkey Cotto Salami with Mayo or Mustard vegetables
Pickle & Pimento Loaf with mayo cheese
Corned Beef with Mayo or Mustard, vegetables
Spam with Mayo, or Mustard, Lettuce, Cheese

Brands I enjoy--Oscar Mayer,Market Side, Great Value, Kraft, Vlasic, Best Maid, Hormel, Butter Ball, Honeysuckle, Buddig, Hillshire Farm, Black Label, Wright Bacon, Tyson, Owens, Mt. Olive.

CHIPS/SNACKS---I like to also enjoy a refreshment to drink, something sweet, and I like these chips/snacks:
Pickled Peppers
Pickles--the whole pickles
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Cauliflower/Okra
Black Olives
Gardetto's--we enjoyed these in high school during rec hall time...garlic!
Lay's Potato Chips--all flavors/kinds
Pita Chips
Veggie Straws
Cheese Straws
PopCorn Indiana Buffalo Cheddar KettleCorn
Hot Fries
LambWeston Potato Wedges---(Good! But needs to be cheaper!)--fried/baked in oven---OR any other seasoned fries/potato wedges that are more affordable.
Curly Fries from Arby's--purchased at Arby's or found in freezer section at grocery.
onion rings
tater tots
I also enjoy the boxed Suddenly Pasta Salads that you mix up and refrigerate..i like them all! good with a sandwich or Italian food.

that was fun...haha!


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