Friday, April 22, 2016

nasty ticks, fleas, worms and others......

I wormed and dusted my dogs yesterday outdoors.

I just used a dust called Hi-Yield dust I purchased at the feed store...I wore gloves and I poured a handful of the dust in my hand and placed it onto Goofball's fur and made very sure it got all over his fur and down against his skin...Those ticks and fleas started falling off by the evening.....It made his fur look dusty-whitish.....then he shook it everywhere!....haha!

PESTS DUST---I like the Hi-Yield dust and it seems to work very good...I got underneath their arms/legs and on their bellies and a little on their paws, behind ears--all over them, except on face!......It is safe for them and a veterinarian recommended it for my dog because they live on the farm.....(you can also use this on calves too out in the pasture for flys/cow lice)....I also sprinkled some in their dog houses, and onto the ground in the areas they rest...

GO AWAY STUPID THINGS!!!---Those fleas and ticks are terrible! I hate fleas, mites, flys, ticks, worms, mosquitos, wasps, cow lice....Why do we need those nasty things??! there should be some way to get rid of them for good!

WORM TABLETS---I purchased some worm tablets for GoofBall at the feed store also...I just purchased a brand called D-Worm..$4 for 2 tablets...They were fairly grand sized tablets---for a big ol' dog like him! when I got home I wrapped one in raw bacon and he just took that right away, and it worked, he ingested it!...Haha....GoofBall didn't know what to think about it at first and then he just smelled the bacon and down the worm tablet went!...Easier way to worm a silly dog! on the farm!

LIQUID WORMER---is good for their canned food in their bowls just mix liquid wormer in with it and FOLLOW all the instructions on the packaging to make VERY sure that you don't give them too much wormer....that's another way to worm them if you wish...Just one worm treatment once in while!

you have to repeat this worming, dusting process often...Follow instructions on all pet medicines, and the dusting will have to be repeated after rains/storms....

POUR ON LIQUID PESTS TREATMENTS/FLEA~TICK COLLARS/SHAMPOOS----you can use the flea/tick pour on liquid treatments down their backs, flea/tick collars that are properly sized and not too tight or too small...and they have these flea/tick/worm tablets also...many different brands...AND they have flea/tick bath shampoos...sometimes I give GoofBall a bath with the shampoos and water hose during warm days...I keep him on a leash and with his plain collar so he won't get away while I bathe him...JUST make VERY SURE that you NEVER get any of these treatments in their faces,eyes, mouth and that they NEVER ingest them...DANGEROUS!!!

I like a cute brand called Happy Jack I found at the feed store also....It works well! they have many other items I would like to try for Goofball....

I have purchased before the pet care brands:
K9 Advantix
 some of these can be pricey so save money!

Pet Shampoo Brands:
Happy Jack

any off brand works just as well too ya know!

Cats, Kittens, Puppies---also need to be bathed/treated for fleas/ticks, wormed, and treated for ear mites sometimes if they have those mites there is medicine for that....any of these brands I like for those problems....the have just got to be given treatments for these nasty pesky bugs!...

Veterinarians can worm your pets for you for a is much easier for kittens and puppies! ;)

I just always make very sure I care for my pets properly..this all has to be repeated so FOLLOW all instructions on the pet care items, collars have to be replaced also every so often...don't overtreat your pets for these nasty bugs....


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