Thursday, November 17, 2016

chilly cold weather fun....

I purchased a box of Hamburger Helper today, is very good, better than usual...many different choices for that one!..I like to create this meal with sides, a vegetable or two, and a salad...Shake n Bake is also something I purchased for later this week for a meal...It is good for baking chicken in the oven....with vegetable sides, salad on your platter.....Manwich is good for a sandwich, made with well cooked hamburger...I enjoy these this time of year....

Also I purchased a few frozen cans of 5Alive juice mix....citrus! helps me with feeling better...Vitamin C in this, so it helps me to battle colds...just my opinion....and I like the juice...I only pour in 2 1/2 cans of cold water though and mix it in a pitcher, I keep mine very chilly in the refrigerator.....good! 😺

I had to check the antifreeze in the vehicles today at my Grandma's and I have a Antifreeze has to float so many of the colorful balls to make sure it has enough so your car won't freeze up and ruin....It is simple to test, and the testers can be found at Walmart or Auto Parts stores...we have freezing weather supposedly on the way this weekend and I know that when that is on the way, I need to always test my vehicles for adequate antifreeze!.....Keep those pets away while testing this! Dangerous! Bad for pets to be near or ingest!

I have seen many people purchasing yarn, fabric, sewing supplies, painting supplies, crochet needles/hooks/thread.... 

They are probably looking for something to work on during this chilly weather and the winter time!

My entire life I have been surrounded by crafting, sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery....these are good brands for those ideas....I think that these will keep you working while cooped up in the house during the chilly cold...or in times of boredom....

Red Heart Crochet
Peaches n Cream
Lion Brand
Aunt Lydia's
DMC embroidery thread packs
Coats and Clarks
Aunt Martha's Transfers (for white cup towels embroidery or art)

there are so many different types of yarns that are sparkled, have sequins, metallic, eyelash/fuzzy yarns, ombre, iridescent, or the plain colorful hues/yarns....often people may spin their own yarn and dye it, cleaning it and taking proper care of their animals....this is natural and safe for the animals...looms are used...I have heard about this before....very interesting!

sequin art is something I think is very beautiful, there are kits for this at the crafts stores, and I enjoy creating Christmas ornaments with sequins, or Christmas crafts this time of year, sewing the very beautiful Christmas stocking that are in the kits are fun and will challenge you with sewing, gluing, and being creative!....some of them sparkle!

just good artsy projects that help keep the winter time blues away! is a good time to collect these for the winter time...

I know most of the men are bored with my craft talk..but what can you say! I enjoy this and it is good to be giggle at me anyway!!!


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