Friday, November 25, 2016

finding good people....

I think that everyone wishes for someone good to share life with, someone that they can love, trust, be comfortable near, and to know they will NEVER betray them, hurt them or abuse them....AND if you are fortunate enough to find those good people to have in your life, who love & care for you also, to share your life with, you know you have been blessed from above to find them.....!

That's all I ever have searched for is good people to be apart of my life.

And to not have to worry about my safety, or worry that I am never good enough, people that I could feel safe and comfortable with, you know?.....NEVER even have to think about them causing me harm, hurting me emotionally or physically, making fun of me, being jealous, or causing me to be in danger or trouble.....

Too many times throughout my life I have had to be near those snobby, dangerous, embarrassing, jealous, relatives, or local people, who are addicted dangerously, and scare me, or involved in has been very scarey for me my whole life, sad thing is, all I have ever looked for is good people, and as the years go by I have to be careful, who I am near....they make me a nervous wreck!..sad but true, I know many others feel the same way!

I have seen way too many people in my life severely addicted to drugs of all kinds and they are evil with the things they scream, hit, break, take part in!!! I am terrified of the danger I have seen within my "so called" friendships & family.....I know this goes on with many others, but it is disheartening to see over and over....just wasting their lives, ruining everything in their path, and hurting/hating those who love them! upsetting & I just go on and walk sick & tired of that everywhere....

It is very stressful to have to put up with addicts who try and hurt you or kill you, and it is a let down and sad when your life is constantly in danger when people won't go to rehab and seek proper mental health care.....Addicts scare me, I have seen way too much danger and destruction!

I am just a plain girl, I don't feel comfortable near drug addiction, it is upsetting and scarey...I have seen too much...yikes!

you're NOT a bad person when you are an addict, you just need to step it up and get rid of your addiction so you can go on with life and feel better and create goodness for the world and yourself....people still love you when you are an addict they just want you to change and be better! they will always be there for you, just don't lose them, because you won't get help!

while searching for true good people, one place you'd think you would not have a problem finding good people would be at the church, and I soon found out that NOT everyone at church is a true Christian!!! found out that at one church, they like to be holy rollers and then jump in bed with the pastor while he's married and they are married!...sad but true!.....not everything that glitters is they

That was upsetting and caused me to be uncomfortable to think about nastiness and evil hiding in the church..learned a lesson about people there! and then yet again it went on at another church my family attended!!!...oh I always wish for finding good true real Christian people who are not fakes!!! I feel comfortable with those who worship and live correctly....

I know not everyone believes in that, but I seem to prefer that often...just truly nice, good people...and I don't judge others for past mistakes in life, because nobody's perfect we all have to learn....I just have seen way too's a scarey world out there!!!.

And when you are ever looking for someone to share your life with, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, OR a husband/wife you know, life is much more calm, simple, less stressful, when they are sober and they work toward goodness, so you always need to think about that! you can have love and no drugs in your life together, it needs to start out that way and always be that way!

when searching for friends, you need to find those who are working toward goodness and if addicted talk to them about being sober and going to rehab, so you can have a great friendship, never be jealous, fight, or be mean to one another, being a good friend is ALWAYS being there for them, being supportive, and caring for them enough to tell them something isn't good for them....when you are fortunate to find a good friend...NEVER let them go, and NEVER cause anything bad to happen to lose them.

you look for those good people who are a lot like you, and enjoy similar things in life, trustworthy, reliable, kind, sweet, funny, good to be there for you in bad and good times, stay with you through all of life's upsets, and laugh with you all the time...I wish the world was more like this!

the saddest thing I think is to lose those you love and adore because of something stupid you have said or taken part in, or won't get help for...losing truly good people who love & care for you is one of the worst things that could happen in life...good people are rare it seems never take them for granted!

anyway blog,

I have taken down my Fall decorations, placed them in plastic storage containers, and now I have the Christmas tree & all those Christmas decorations up! and decorations....go ahead and laugh! the process of putting up outside Christmas lights, it is late in the evening and I am too tired, work on that tomorrow maybe!....


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