Friday, November 11, 2016

winter clothing drives for warmth....

It is definitely becoming chilly the past few nights, and I have been up and had to open a window to see what GoofBall my dog has been barking at....I had a light and beamed it toward his dog house and I saw him standing on top of his house barking....

THEN I saw 5 coyotes (wild dogs)!!! It scared me because they like to run in packs and attack other was midnight and I yelled at them to get out of here! they left...they keep walking up to the fence nightly and I am worried they will attack GoofBall at night while I am I check on him when he barks....

keep your pets warm in their houses IF they live outdoors during the cold!


I know that it is becoming cooler and I think about all the people without warmth, at shelters, on the streets, or even in your own small town or city......I know that there is always a need for many warm items of clothing every time the fall/winter season approaches...we all can freeze and become way to cold...Brr!

We have had Winter Clothing Drives at church, school, local businesses....Local town boards need to schedule these upcoming winter weather drives, and holiday charitable organizations need to Advertise these to be held soon I know!

shoes or boots
scarves---you may knit some clothing items, and donate them to homeless shelters and other charitable organizations! ;)

whatever you can afford to donate or create would be kind and that much more fun to knit! (that is if you enjoy knitting!)

Needed in ALL sizes for everyone.

I know that you may find these clothing items everywhere and when needed to be affordable, I know that the Dollar Trees, and the Dollar Stores have the gloves, scarves, hats, socks and the hygiene items to donate to shelters for an affordable cost, that is what the church has done for many years to afford for many to be given these items....just an idea....

I enjoy creating affordable gift bags to donate to many people of all ages. ;)

I think about all of the people who suffer during the winter weather season, freeze, and have no warm clothing, no meals, and live on the streets or who are in poverty with no money for even a warm clothing happens to all! is upsetting and makes me very sad to think of them while I am warm in my home, or when I wear a warm clothing item on a freezing day.....that's why we need to have Warm Clothing Drives and all charitable events.....

being charitable this time of year and all year, is always a good, and kind thing to be apart of....Helping out with soup kitchens, donating to homeless shelters, food drives, town wide holiday free meals, building food boxes, donating any time or money, or anything to help out is wonderful!

these are all good ways to be charitable and get out there and meet other people who wish to be kind and creates a good atmosphere and attitude for many small towns and cities...

I think these charitable ways are fun to look forward to helping with!...once you start helping out with these events, you feel that you have contributed to the goodness of our makes you feel much better about yourself knowing you are helping others....I feel that way.

ALWAYS remember to appreciate every thing that you do have, because even though you may have little or you may have much, there are so many people who DO NOT even have what you have!....You may have this or that, and it may not be much, but don't ever complain, because so many don't have even that!....Be thankful for what you have.


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