Thursday, November 3, 2016

create at home----- the sausage biscuit for breakfast....

I have been very exhausted these past few days!....I keep trying to rest and be tired....

just thought I'd blog about quick easier breakfast....haha!

Breakfast prepared early morning at home is nice, with a cup of coffee, cranberry juice, milk, or orange juice!

I was able to purchase a package of frozen biscuits to create a quick breakfast when I need to have breakfast, but am too tired to create homemade

I enjoy homemade biscuits and baking them, BUT when I am exhausted and too tired in the early morning these are simple and good, just as good as homemade.......we don't ever want to lose the art of creating & baking the homemade biscuit. ;) when you are too tired and need a quick breakfast frozen biscuits are so nice!

I have purchased these brands of frozen biscuits for years when my Grandparents have needed help with preparing breakfast:

Great Value
Mary B's

just read instructions and bake in margarine sprayed pan...simple!

I like to create a sausage, egg, cheese biscuit at home with these and I also purchase some sausage rolls and you cut these and shape the sausage for a biscuit...

These sausage brands are nice! some are in packages already shaped into patties, some are seasoned and may have Maple Syrup, Original, or other...I like to place my sausage patties into a pan of oil and fry them until they are almost blackened...well done!....I have to have them that way...that's how I am...

Jimmy Dean
Tennessee Pride
Blue & Gold ( Go! FFA!
Great Value Sausage Patties (already shaped)
Johnsonville (already shaped)

Egg patties you can purchase in packages in freezer aisles at Walmart also or maybe at a local grocery store, warm or brown these in skillet...

I know they have Timber Ridge Farms egg patties brand, OR you may wish to make your own with scrambled or fried eggs at home in a skillet with oil then place onto your sausage biscuit....

I add a small square of cheese to mine and wrap my egg,  sausage, cheese biscuit in a paper towel after preparing and IF when in a hurry take it with you to work...a nice cup of a breakfast drink is best in a lidded insulate paper cup when travelling and in hurry.....they have these everywhere for purchase---take a package of these home with you...

I enjoy having breakfast daily and I feel better when I have time to prepare and enjoy many people say " Oh I don't have breakfast that's too many meals in a day!" *eyeroll*.....BUT I say...I have breakfast because I feel better when I enjoy a simple breakfast...breakfast is a tradition...take time to enjoy your life...damn, relax! I wanna tell them!!!....too many people are critical over EVERYTHING!....annoying....


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