Tuesday, November 8, 2016

de - stress, slow down, rest......

Somedays everything is so very rushed and Hurry! Hurry!

It seems as though often life goes way too fast and we never have time to just slow down and be rested....

Everyone goes through very busy days that seem non-stop.

Take time to breathe and stop for a few seconds and calm down.

admire something just a few seconds longer than you always are admiring it during your day, stop and breathe....even if it is just looking out your bedroom window...

I enjoy sleeping peacefully during the very cold winter, I like to "nest like a bird for the winter" (gather comforting items for my bed) and I like to be sleepy and lazy like Pooh Bear is!...lol...

rest. peaceful sleep is something we all need to work on more often at night.

I see so many blankets, soft sheets, pillows, pajamas, comforters at stores and I think oh wow how comforting!

I saw many sets of soft, fuzzy pajamas to purchase today! I saw some that were very silly for adults! They were pajamas that zip up the front and have feet, pull over tops with character faces, they are like fuzzy pajama costumes to rest in....lol....all kinds of characters to choose from....cute and whimsical!

Ideas that I like for having a well rested nighttime are-----

Dim lights in your bedroom...you can adorn your bedroom mirror with strands of lights and seasonal decorations...I always work on this yearly...I know, I know, all she likes to talk about is decorating something!....oh go on!...decorating is whimsical, fun, and something to look forward to seasonally, grouches! the soft lights twinkling helps me to be sleepy and calms me.

no television on, try soft music or spa music playing instead turned down on low...on player or headphones while you are trying to rest in your bed....try focusing your mind on the quiet, tranquil music you can listen to, you may have other music that calms you or makes you peaceful, sleepy, Go on and use the music to rest to!!!

warmth of an electric blanket, or a heat source..not too hot turned up though!!!

knowing you are safe helps!

finding someway to block out the outer noise from your bedroom is good and helpful.

looking for the most comfortable sleep wear to sleep in at night is good...Don't matter what it looks like when you are alone, if it is comforting, wear it to sleep in....lol.

I have all these ideas and think to purchase to help me rest peacefully....

I have been very tired for many, many years and I know I need to rest as much as I can to be healthy, seems as though I am always tired...

~Know that when you awake and cannot go back to sleep there are zillions of other people in the world who are restless and can't sleep either, sometimes I think that nighttime is something that bothers people because there is no one to talk with....I blogged about that before I know...

I wish to rest peacefully & comfortably during the winter season.

relax + rest +Sleep = Good for your health and to repair your stressed and hurt body.

Sloooooow Down, be quiet, more often.


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