Tuesday, November 29, 2016

pet adoption for christmas gift !........

I know it is almost time to start Christmas shopping for your loved ones and even yourself...

Money can be scarce for everyone, and I know that Christmas can be very unaffordable when you are trying to pay bills and just live!......Depression at the holidays can be there for many, and I know that it can be upsetting to many people to even start to think about celebrating Christmas or purchasing gifts.......

Thinking about how many different items you can purchase to gift to yourself or loved ones for Christmas this time of year, so many items....and I know I can remember whenever I was a little girl I was gifted my first pet! I was so very excited to see it and take good care of it!.....

It is a life changing event to welcome a new pet to your family and to gift a pet at the holidays to yourself or your loved ones is always sweet!...your life will never be boring again!

Your life is NEVER the same once you Adopt a new pet as your newest family addition!....They have a lot of love & affection to give their new family members and they know when you love & care for them they will always be there for you, at all times!

when you take proper good care of them, love & care for them, and Keep them safe from all dangers.....Pets are very important to your life and when they become your newest family addition you will have that many more days of laughter and giggles!.....

They will create messes and pee & poop anywhere, but when you love & care for them, go ahead and clean up that mess and laugh! haha! I just giggle!

I know there are many different types of pets you can Adopt from local shelters and Humane Societies,----these are best to purchase & Adopt a pet from...this saves many pet's lives and helps with Adoption of pets from shelters...saves them from being sadly euthanized and abandoned! oh I cry for them!

Many animals need good forever homes and hey, you may even have a boring or depressed life, and any pet could change your life and help with depression or severe mental health issues you may have!....they change your life I believe, everyone who is able to care for them and afford them should Adopt a pet today!...many to choose from!

Your pets NEVER hate you, belittle you, yell at you, or let you down...too many times people in our lives have let us down and hurt us, BUT you know that a pet will NEVER be any of those ideas!...They just keep loving you!

I think now would be a good time to think about Adopting a pet for Christmas, that way you have plenty of time to purchase things you will need like--Kennels, cages(pet taxis), treats, bedding, toys, leashes, collars.....purchase food after adopting, that day!

THEN the day will be here to take your loved ones or take yourself to the Shelter or the Humane Society to Adopt a pet(new family member)......it is exciting and wonderful to choose & purchase a pet to be apart of your family!---Just know they will ALWAYS need you to feed, water, bathe, and properly medically care for them when needed!

Pets are your family once you Adopt them and name them something cute or adorable!

I just know how many days of laughter, giggles, silliness, and smiles my pets have brought to my life, they have helped me to stay strong and to battle those sad cases of the blues, worries, & depression that have been with me when facing upsets and terrible sadness....

I know my pets have changed my life and made my life better even on the worst of days! Pets are a blessing to your life! I know this is TRUE! God created pets to be apart of your family and your life to make your life & their lives much happier & better!

ADOPT a pet soon!


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