Monday, November 21, 2016

thanksgiving day groceries....

 Went to town today and I saw many people looking for Thanksgiving groceries, it was nutso! People everywhere with Thanksgiving lists in hand searching for all the items they need...One man was being silly and saying: " I hope I get outta here before it turns dark outdoors!".....haha...I laughed...

~~ just for fun here are the items I have been purchasing over the past 2 weeks and saving for Thanksgiving....these brands are nice!

ALL off brands work just as good! saves money

Eggs----Braum's, (fresh eggs at home) OR Great Value, Best Choice, Eggland's Best
Milk----Great Value, Shurfine, Best Choice, Braum's
1 Onion
1 Lemon
1 Celery ---Ocean Mist, or any other brand
Margarine/Butter---Braum's, Coburn Farms, Country Crock, Blue Bonnet, Imperial....
Canola oil---Great Value, Wesson, Crisco, or off brands
Turkey whole or breast----Honeysuckle, Butterball, or other.
Potatoes--plain or red
Green Beans---Save a lot, Del Monte, Best Choice, Great Value, Green Giant, Glory Seasoned Green Beans..
Broccoli---Green Giant, Great Value, Best Choice, Bird's Eye
Cheez Whiz
Sweet potatoes
Sweet Condensed Milk---La Lechera, Carnation, Eagle Brand
Evaporated Milk--Milnot, Carnation, Coburn Farms
Pumpkin Pie mix--Libby's
Cornmeal---Great Value, Martha White, Best Choice, others 
Crème Style Corn---Great Value, Del Monte, Green Giant, Best choice, save a lot...
Green Chiles in can---La Preferida, Hatch, Goya, Great Value, Best Choice....
Stuffing mix----StoveTop....OR homemade is best!
Corn Syrup---Karo, Great Value,  Best Choice light or dark syrup....for pecan pie.
Pecans--Diamond, local trees, pecan for shell pieces!....hurt your teeth!
Hot Rolls--Rhodes, Homemade...
Cranberry gel in can--Ocean Spray!
Ham----Cure81, Smithfield, Cook's

Drink with meal---I enjoy purchasing a glass bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape is non-alcoholic and many different's just something silly I always enjoy drinking with my Thanksgiving meal...haha!....OR I enjoy Plain 100% Ocean Spray Cranberry a silly Diamond, OR water is good.

Paper wares---I have already purchased a paper tablecloth, paper towels/dinner napkins, nicely decorated plates, and cups....

Shopping for your items---Dollar Stores, Dollar Tree, Walmart all have very affordable items like this for adding a neatness to your table at Thanksgiving....

Plastic storage food containers----are good to purchase for the many leftovers to keep in your refrigerator OR to send home leftovers with loved ones!....WASH all before you use them for food storage.....Ziploc is a brand I designs, and different colorful hues....Betty Crocker storage food containers at Dollar Tree....Let all warm foods cool before placing into refrigerator in containers..never place into refrigerator HOT! dangerous..don't snap lid shut on food containers while hot before snapping lid shut on these....

$ Save a lot is a good store to purchase many of your grocery items more affordable often times....when you are going to be preparing a meal for many people!...

Already pre-made desserts----IF you are rushed and need to prepare a meal quickly, pies are easy to find already made at the store...I enjoy the Braum's, Field's, Walmart Bakery, Marie Callender's...BUT I seem to always find myself baking a good ol homemade

AND plenty of soap+helpers to wash ALL of the dishes afterward...EVERYONE needs to help with dishes and cleaning the table/kitchen...



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