Wednesday, July 22, 2015

baseball cards and (autocollant) sticker collecting.....

I was able to go to town yesterday and I was approached outside a store by a woman who was asking people for money..

She got too close to me and she told me a story about how her children needed money for doctor bills and she was from California new to town and she looked messed up...her eyes were red and weird looking...scary....her accent was clearly way south.....

I told her no I sure don't have any money...if I did have that much money I would use that for my own bills!

I thought yeah I bet your kids need money for bills or do your kids even exist?...then I thought that they probably do exist and she uses them for sympathy or for a story to kidnap somebody because she kept looking all back behind me all over the parking lot like she had someone there to get me....I just was cautious and I watched her...she kept staring at me and behind me.....

I am always cautious and looking out for myself to watch for danger....

it's awful when women and men want to hurt others or manipulate others...endanger lives...disgusting people.....and I think it's against the law to ask for money like it called panhandling? was spooky...


I was there in town and I took my grandma to town and we went to a few stores for things she needed....

I have been purchasing a few stickers here and there when I have extra money since they are fairly inexpensive to collect and I went to Dollar Tree..They have a lot of new stickers there and I purchased a few sets....just $1/set...and they are stickers so I got a few they were:

Ninja Turtles...haha my brother will be so jealous!
Eiffel Tower
Sesame Street....liked this show when I was a little girl

I also found Hello Kitty in a small packaged set separate by the cash register...I like those separate small packs like that, it was that way when I was younger....

I was going through my sticker collection and I found these that I purchased 2 months ago in other stores they are:

Fire Trucks/Safety
Tiny Dogs/Cats
Forest animals
Halloween and Pumpkins (almost that time of year again)


and I have been trying to start collecting Baseball cards again...It is a fun hobby and it shows support for our Baseball Teams and Players...My Brother likes to collect Baseball Cards and he has taken good care of his and has them packaged neatly in a collecting book....

collecting Baseball cards is something I want to start again to collect in my own collecting book....Baseball is the sport of summer....and I like to find all the cards I can right now....

collecting books keep the cards clean, away from all contaminants so they will hold their value in later years.....

I keep my stickers (autocollants) packaged/sealed and in a plastic storage container away from contaminants also....

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