Sunday, July 12, 2015

bingo...a favorite of mine....

My Grandma was talking about playing Bingo several years ago at a local Bingo Hall....I giggled.

a lot of people enjoy Bingo.

I can remember her and my Grandpa taking me with them one time when I was younger and they would go once a week....Grandma always had her own special dauber she used on the cards to play and she loaned me one to play cards with.

Gotta love Bingo!....haha......I really enjoy it and I like playing this game.

they have all colors of daubers(like markers) and they even have glittery ones.You can purchase your own and take it to the Bingo Hall with you....just do not lose the dauber!

it's just something to do for fun....I don't know why i enjoy playing Bingo so much but it's probably a favorite game of mine.

i have had a Bingo game just for using at home but i liked going with my Grandparents all those years ago....

you can play Bingo in town and sometimes they play for prizes of all kinds...but i don't care about prizes...i just like the game.

sometimes in my hometown they have had Bingo games and they have the whole set of daubers, a Bingo cage set, and the paper Bingo cards....

i just think those town Bingos are really good for people to get out and take part in..something to work on....young and old can play.

and it should be safe/secure and never tacky or nasty at those halls...a lot of those Bingo Halls need cleaned up! and bad people should never be staying around there causing troubles.

there should be more Bingo Halls in the area i think to give people know...It's Tuesday let's go Bingo!....but stay away from troublemakers...

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