Saturday, July 11, 2015

i hate corruption and corrupt people......

I get so mad when I think about corruption and the corrupt people who ruin things and are never truthful.

Many towns/cities locally have had corruption in them and when you know that and see that it is sickening when you have people of power in those towns/cities small or larger constantly ruining things, stealing things, stopping good things all because they are greedy...

corruption is something that never allows good things to begin or progress and when you stop those good things from beginning in your local towns/cities your places of business will be ruined and all bad/evil takes over....

when you have to put your health, or your money in the hands of the corrupt businesses and their employees, that is very dangerous and spooky to me!

something else I do not like is when so many businesses can or will be corrupt I do not want to support them by purchasing their store items, or their wares because supporting those corrupt businesses only gives them money and they prosper! and who wants to help corrupt losers prosper! I sure don't!

It is also very dangerous when so many people go to town/work and have to dine at eateries that have corrupt people running the place of is a health hazard and you never know what they may try to do to you if you are not corrupt...spooky once again!

it just angers me that so much corruption is allowed to go on in small towns....places that should be safer and less stressful....

sad part is that the people with all the power and money in these towns are the ones that start the corruption, ruin poorer people's lives by cheating them, lying to them, using them, and betraying them and then the poorer people are used and get into the trouble...BUT Mr.& Mrs. Corrupt never get in trouble no way! they just make money off of people's misery!!! (that's how it goes!)...they pay their way out of trouble.

These types of corrupt money making people continually fund corruption by purchasing into the businesses, giving them money, stealing. lying and cheating, and having their people work in them!!!...oh, it makes me mad! not only that it is dangerous for everyone.

corrupt people like to hide behind their religion and they are just fake...pretending to be oh so nice and kind to the community.....running to the church everytime the door opens!!!'s sad when they hide in their religion...pathetic.

they donate all kinds of money in these towns and want attention for it making people think they are so nice and all the while the people who know they are corrupt laugh at them...Um...i didn't know they were THAT nice! I mean, usually they are running their mouths off about these people/things they are donating to!

whenever I find out about corruption in businesses I just stay away from them I will not support them...they all need to be rid of these corrupt people and made to be much safer for everyone.

it's very tough to figure out which ones are corrupt and which ones are not corrupt....just more idiots and their pathetic ways *eye roll* annoying!!! I just usually watch and see where the hillbillies in my family go and I know then that I need to stay away from those businesses in town..because something is always going on when I know they are going there!....Haha!..

every one of these corrupt people go everywhere trying to keep up this soooo perfect family life, perfect marriage, no money troubles, everythings perfect, clothes, houses, the list goes on with them...and you can see through it...because they try too much to hide the truth of themselves...

and you'll hear about things they are apart of and how things really are from their ex-friends because corrupt people will hurt their own friends and then the ex-friends go tell everyone what is really going on with them....haha! everyone gets a laugh!

these corrupt people are very jealous, ignorant, and dangerous....they get jealous over others and they will stop at nothing to ruin good things for others in the towns or anywhere because they will use their money or bad people to stop things from prospering, getting better, or just stop good things from happening for good people....

corrupt people want to be in control of the whole town/city...and only have what they want in those communities..which is crap and trash! true.

greed, corruption, and power is their problem.

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