Friday, December 30, 2016

the end of the not drink and drive !!!

 It is the last Friday of 2016.

I just cannot believe that the year is OVER!

I am HAPPY it is finally over for 2016!!! 😎

This has been a very upsetting, challenging year.....stressful, sad, and I have been very ill & tired this year with hayfever!...I think ALL of the hay bales across the road and up the road that become very dusty and moldy just do not need to be so close by home!!! asthma/colds have been terrible!

I don't wish to go on, and on, about how this or that happened or about my health being worse this year, or about how my Grandpa went to Heaven....but it has been a pretty crappy year...I'm not being a complainer or anything, but,  yeah, it has been bad...I have had good days & bad ya know, like everybody else has.....

Every year I wish and hope for better and maybe, just maybe each year will be better, but I am let down every year! :(

I know that many people enjoy celebrating the New Year and I know that we NEED to be very cautious drinking and driving! You NEVER should drink and drive it is very dangerous, illegal, and you can be mangled in a car crash, or hurt/kill innocent others!!!......You do not need to drink, BUT I know many do drink alcohol, so IF you are going to drink--- CALL a cab, a sober loved one, or stay home and drink, then go on to bed!.....Don't be out on the highways/roads/streets driving drunk and causing danger!....

I am staying home, I will be preparing a pizza!, and drinking the Sparkling Grape Juice!...I am just very tired and I prefer to celebrate at home....

I will probably stay in bed and rest!

Tomorrow I will send wishes for the New Year.


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