Thursday, December 29, 2016

silly quiz, for fun....

I found one of these old just for fun quizzes the other day in an old folder..You just answer these for fun, some people think they are stupid, but I like to answer for fun....haha!...just laugh!

1.First person you saw today?: Myself OR Pumpkin's sort of a person to me!

2. Last thing that you laughed about?: People arguing in a store about Windex! was funny.

3. What do you think about the world?: It needs help, needs work, with everyone helping! get to work!

4.Silver or Gold?: Both! very shiny and pretty I think.

5. Funniest thing you can think of about high school?: My science teacher!....haha!...well...ALL of my teachers!....koo-koo! nutso

6. What are you looking at right now?: Duh! my computer!

7. high heels or walking shoes?: Well, I like both..depends on where I am going....

8. what makes a good friend?: Always being there for them!, NEVER being angry, laughing all the time, standing up for them.

9. Tough or Strong?: Tough, because cowboys & cowgirls are Always Tough!

10. Favorite saying?: Well, I have a few, but the one that hangs on my bedroom wall that has been a source of inspiration through all bad days is this: Cowgirl Up! which simply means STOP crying, get back up and show them how Tough you are girl!...

11. Favorite song?: Oh, I have a zillion faves for that, but I like that song "On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful"

12. Last thing you purchased?:  Cat litter!

13. Last thing you prepared in the kitchen?: Crepes today!...lots of work on the Crepe's eh, ok...

14. IF you could be a creature for a day, what would you be and why?: A mermaid!...because the ocean is beautiful and I love to swim all the time.... 

15. looks or no looks?: Looks do not matter! how beautiful you are in your heart is ALL that should matter! and how much you love someone and how good you are to someone is all that is important...

16. favorite color?: Oh, you know anything in the blue/bluegreen/turquoise color wheel...

17. favorite shape?: a star.

18. Last thing you remember about the person who broke your heart?:....oh, there's been too many who have broken my heart! I forget them! ;) I believe all of those broken hearts make you that much stronger and happen for that reason in some odd way.....

19. favorite scent?: flowers

20. bath or shower?: BOTH!

21. Love or romance?: Well, I think you need one to have the other right?!....

22. Idea of a perfect date?: just being with the one you love...doesn't matter where you go or where you are.

23.  favorite fruit?: Oh I don't have a favorite, Pineapple, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, kiwi, apples, oranges.....all of

24. Rainy Day or sunny day?: If I have an activity outdoors you know it's gonna have to be sunny, BUT I love rainy days!

25. Marriage?: If you are going to be married, STAY together, laugh together, adore one another, and have a 60th wedding anniversary someday....NEVER cheat! NEVER break hearts!

26. one thing the world needs more of?: Laughter & Love, bleach!...haha!

27. Friendships?: Looking at each other and Laughing with one another uncontrollably--- and you are the only ones who know what is so funny...haha!....laughing so much you pee your pants!...That's friendships... ;)

28. town or country?: Country with trees! and nature...Farmland. 

29 What did you learn about this quiz today?: How weird these were years ago! will find more later...


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