Monday, December 19, 2016

beagles ! gifts....

The Beagle

I have still be resting, being very sleepy and I finally was able to enjoy noon lunch today.

I was able to stay in my bed and rest while watching the AKC Dog Show on tv this was so very nice and interesting to see all of the beautiful and well behaved on the show...something I enjoy watching is pet shows, I know they would be fun to attend also or take part in! was sponsored by Royal Canin pet was nice.

There was the cutest dog on tv the other day and it was a Beagle Dog!...Oh, those are the cutest, sweetest dogs I have ever seen!...(they're all cute & sweet) but the Beagle is ADORABLE! I have heard that for too many years these sweet dogs have been abused by their owners!!!...Oh, I cry about this nastiness!...People can be so damn evil....How could anyone hurt them???! I HATE animal abusers...I wish to end all of them!....

The Beagle Dog is very cute and I have found this picture of one I placed above here....they are beautiful, trusting, sweet, and plenty of them need good homes with forever family right now! they would be a wonderful new family member to love & care for always.

ADOPT a BEAGLE today !

I went to feed GoofBall his supper just a few minutes ago outdoors...he gave me a hug after I fed him and he licked my face & makes me giggle and smile because I know he adores me and I adore him!....aww.....he is my family!

I think tomorrow I will be able to purchase a few gifts before Christmas I haven't been able to even go to town yet! because I have been so very ill with this flu or whatever it is....

I know many people will be purchasing gifts for their pets and I know that when I go to town tomorrow I will be purchasing a few pet chewies/treats for my pets...they have plenty of toys to you know they always love the chewies/treats as gifts for their pet stocking also.....cute!

you can gift all your pets anything nice you wish!

Items like these! ;)

New water bowls
New Food bowls
New tie-out cords
new houses
bath supplies
flea & tick care items
gift certificate to groomers
pet taxi
canned or dry foods
even maybe new litter or litter box supplies or create your own...I created my own...

anything you can afford to gift them is wonderful!

I have purchased these treats/chewies for many years and they are affordable for most: these are for Dogs and a few for cats...any pet you have you can gift a Christmas gift.

Whisker Lickins
Purina Friskies Party Mix Treats
Friskies Pull n Play

For Dogs:
Canine Carry-Outs
Milk Bone
Blue Dog Bakery Treats
Ol Roy
Beggin Strips
Gravy Train--treats
Good n Fun
Alpo T-Bonz
Busy Bone
Meaty Bone
Pup Corn

All good gift ideas for your pet family members...they love Christmas too!


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