Friday, December 23, 2016

fudge !......

Completed wrapping gifts and placing some in the gift bags for Sunday!....I know many people celebrate on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...enjoy them both I say!

I have been working on cleaning the entire house today, and then I completed preparing Fudge....Every Christmas it is tradition to make Fudge for everyone...I don't enjoy fudge often only this time of year...Everyone likes the fudge and I have 2 recipes I can share on here blog! ;)

The local pharmacy has a Fudge shop all year long, BUT I know mine is much better I prepare! ;)   Lol. these are nice to wrap and gift after preparation and cooling!

There are Diabetic recipes for fudge and you can find those in those books....those work well for Diabetics.

Here are 2 recipes for fudges that I prepared today, REMEMBER preparing these takes a lot of practice, stirring constantly, standing there stirring have to follow the instructions and you NEED a candy thermometer, trust me on this! Butter Pecan Fudge takes a lot of waiting for 30 minutes and you have to watch your thermometer for the cooling part...but it is VERY good!...

Milk Chocolate Fudge

3 cups Sugar
3/4 cup Butter or Margarine
2/3 cup Evaporated Milk or small can
1 whole package of Milk Chocolate Chips
1 Jar Marshmallow Crème
1 cup of pecans or walnuts broken pieces or chunked
1 tsp. Vanilla

Line a 9inch pan with foil and butter the foil.
Bring sugar, butter, and evaporated milk to foil rolling boil in large pan on medium heat(setting 3)Stirring constantly. Cook 4 minutes or until candy thermometer reads 234 degrees(soft boil stage) keep stirring constantly. Remove from heat ADD chocolate chips and marshmallow crème. Stir until melted. ADD nuts & vanilla, mix well.

POUR into prepared pan. Cover bottom of pan. Cool completely.

Butter Pecan Fudge
(this one you wait, cool, then start again)

1/2 cup of Butter
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
1/2 cup of packed brown sugar
1/2 cup of Heavy Whipping crème (small carton, like milk)
Dash of Salt
1 tsp Vanilla
2 cups of Powdered Sugar
1 cup of chunked pecans

Line a pan with foil. Butter the foil.

In grand sized pan combine the butter, granulated & brown sugar, whipping cream & salt. Bring to a rapid boil over medium heat (setting 3) Stirring constantly. Cook, without stirring until the candy thermometer reads 234 degrees (soft ball stage) Remove from heat. Add Vanilla but DO NOT stir.

Cool, without stirring to 110 degrees on the candy thermometer...about 30 minutes. KEEP WATCHING your thermometer so it won't become too cool or it won't work right! Beat with a spoon until fudge just begins to thicken after it is cooled to 110 degrees. Gradually stir in powdered sugar until smooth, add nuts and continue stirring until fudge becomes very thick and begins to lose it's shine. Immediately place into the buttered pan. Cool.

This recipe is very delicate and you have to keep watching it and be very serious with stops and restarts! is a lot of work to prepare homemade candies the old fashioned way and I like to keep all old traditions going at the holidays....

everybody knows homemade is the best....haha! a lot of work and time, but the best!


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