Sunday, December 18, 2016

very sick.....

-------In my bed right now still resting from being very sick.

I have been very sick with some type of flu.

Cannot eat without thinking about being sick at my stomach.

Had to sit on the toilet and puke at the same time!...oh, it was awful!..just go ahead and laugh...

Something many people are having locally...I heard that I haven't had it as bad as most people...flu shot must have helped!

everything started to make me feel nauseous.....sounds, smells of food, things on tv, music, lights---then I was puking!

Terrible pain all over from being sick/arthritis, chills, all that...enjoying ice chips and that's about it...haven't been sick at my stomach violently since that night.

I was asleep for 2 days comfortably in my bed from cold freezing weather outdoors..Faux fireplace/electric heater going and my electric blanket turned on 5......sleeping the dark with no lights or sound! I didn't even know what day it was yesterday, and I rather enjoyed that..i know that's weird, but the rest is always welcome...relief.

I know stress and being upset causes you to catch the flu bug differently.....I need to rest more.

nobody likes to vomit or be on the toilet all know that I sure don't!

just apart of life.


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