Wednesday, December 7, 2016

have a holiday cookie party !.....

Every year at this time we enjoy baking sweets to celebrate Christmas.

The cold weather makes you wish to stay indoors from the chill and enjoy the warmth of your hopefully heated home.

If you have the extra time and the friends/family, Invite them over for a cookie party, bake/create, listen to music, and laugh, be silly!...enjoy life when you can I say!

You can have prepackaged cookies they can purchase and bring if they cannot bake/create due to certain illnesses....these can be just as fun with the pre-packaged cookies!...

DO NOT forget that also many people have Diabetes and there are many brands of pre-packaged Diabetic Sugar-Free cookies you can find in most stores...

Brands like: Voortman, Murray, Archway---you can also find many different baking supplies that are for Diabetics..Splenda & Truvia are some I know of....Diabetics need to have fun too! 

At your cookie party you can have hostess gifts that are simple, small inexpensive silly $1.00 items or gift Christmas kitchen towel sets, baking utensils, pencil/pen sets, aprons, or anything affordable for many to enjoy!..Place in gift bags....have fun!

Baking is something that I enjoy during winter mostly, and everyone knows that during this season creating Christmas cookies to enjoy with a glass of milk or hot tea is fun for everyone..stay indoors and enjoy baking some cookies with friends/family....I enjoy baking Christmas cookies every year anyway!

It can sometimes be more affordable to purchase those pre-mix cookie doughs in the packages, they are a dry mix and you just add the ingredients needed to create the dough from the package.

Sugar cookie pre-mix dough brands like--Betty Crocker that's one I think works well to create the homemade sugar cookies....

Things you need to create the homemade Christmas sugar cookies with are many different baking items, don't forget your Christmas cookie cutters & sprinkles, they are in most stores...I enjoy the shaped cookie cutters they are very creative to decorate colorfully....

IF you are not going to bake and just purchase those prepackaged cookies from stores for your Christmas cookie party many brands to choose from---

Lofthouse cookies---are so good and they are like a cloud to enjoy!....the icing is nice also!
Walmart Bakery
Pillsbury--I like the designs for holidays already on these.
Little Debbie
Toll House

just any cookie package is good!

Also there is Blue Bell Christmas Cookie Ice Cream & TastyKake Holiday cookies for purchase...I haven't tried these yet.

Gingerbread men & Gingerbread House kits are also very interesting and fun to work on and create with friends/family or even alone...I like to think of these as Art with candies, icing, and baking......I create mine to be very colorful.

Wilton brand has a good Gingerbread House can enjoy with everyone or use as a seasonal display at your house..or have competitions at church, school, work, or just at home with everyone, they are time consuming, take many different candies, and creativity....

they are enjoyable to work on though! most are pre-baked and you just place together with icings & candies....these kits are in many stores, Walmart, many grocery stores and sometimes even the Dollar Stores!....

remember to have fun and laugh all you can at these cookie parties..we need to laugh more in life and be silly! ;)


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