Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas.....

Merry Christmas!!!

Today I have many tasks for tomorrow completed..

Tomorrow morning I will awake early at 5am and start to work on preparing the meal.

I had to go to town to the local grocery store and find some lemons, celery, and a few other small items for the turkey...I will have to prepare that early.

I saw a man purchasing a ham at the grocery store... that rhymes! know that ham is good..I like to bake ham for at least 4hours...I enjoy ham almost burned it seems!,...kind of like a beef jerky taste to it that way.....careful baking it this way so it will not burn!..yikes!

how silly I'm talking about ham...haha!..just laugh!

I know that we need to always remember the reason why we have presents and why we celebrate the season is because of Jesus' birth.....Mary was chosen by God to be Jesus' mother, he is the son of The Lord also...very special.

Every time I unwrap a gift, see a red & white striped candy, or enjoy the meal at this time I always remember to say Happy Birthday! to Jesus loudly!....tradition.

Jesus, he died for our sins, so we can be forgiven and we always need to appreciate everything good he represents and try to follow his teachings on being a good, kind, person to bring more goodness to the world everyday.


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