Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday nail art, cough drops, chapstick......

The sky was overcast today near noon...I could feel the very chilly wind on my burned it was so very cold!..Brr!...The weather makes you very cold, ill, and dries your skin terribly....

I notice that everyone, has been ill with the cold and they have been purchasing cough drops and balm for their chapped mouth.....I have been trying to keep a small bag of cough drops with me in my purse, they help with the coughing!....

Today I purchased those Hall's Cough Drop Brand Cherry, & Honey Lemon...I enjoy the scent of the Hall's Cherry kind...very loud, and helps to ease the coughing....

Cough Drop Brands are in many different kinds..

The brands---
Luden's--cherry kind is nice.
Walgreens store brand
CVS store brand

For the chapped dry mouth exterior, everyone has this problem with the dry weather winter or summer, and the runny nose/cold will cause this to be terrible!...You have to keep your dry chap mouth medicated so it won't hurt and will heal properly!

For the Chapped mouth balms I enjoy these brands in all kinds---

Carmex---in chapstick form or balm in small jar.

I know that people need to purchase sinus/cough medications sometimes, but it is best often to seek doctor's help/advice when coughing terribly, it could be bronchitis, or terrible lung treatment for terrible infections...

I saw a woman purchasing Zicam/Thera-Flu/Tylenol Cold medications last year and she said to another person she was vomiting sick...AND I guess she thought those were for that vomiting flu....but it is not for that!!! it would make you sicker....

Zicam/Thera-flu those type medications are for sinuses!....I wanted to tell her that it was not for that vomiting, but I was in a time to tell her.....they work ok for mild sinus congestion....these make my stomach queasy....

Anyways blog,

I saw that there is Holiday nail art kits out there for designing & decorating nails....they are so easy to create on your nails and a lot of fun!...Kiss is a brand of those I saw last week, I'm thinking I may purchase one....

randomness but there ya go, another day over!


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