Wednesday, December 21, 2016

completed christmas shopping....

Completed Christmas shopping today...I just shopped locally small town, didn't wish to drive too far, and be near crowds, too much exhaustion with me, so anyway, just drove nearby and that completed my shopping.....

I am relieved to have that all accomplished! now I have to wrap them and attach the bows & name tags.....BEFORE sunday.....

Still I am very, very tired, and my appetite is not that good yet....

I was able to find something to enjoy for my upset stomach that is still ravaged from that violent flu.....I found those Jello brand-Pudding PoP kits that you create at home....they are good for my stomach right now!....I have only created the vanilla ones lately.....sounds odd but they are very good for me right now in winter time, with upset tummy!.....Lol.......

They are fun to create and they are about $5/ has 2 boxes of pudding...vanilla and chocolate....and a mold that you can pour/create 6 pudding pops, freeze, you have to add milk to the pudding you know.....It had the red pudding pop stems you place in the tops after pouring and you need to be very careful with these after freezing to remove your pudding pops! warm water over the bottom of the pops before yanking on the red stems! they can break easily...not very strong.....

I am keeping my mold kit and all red stems in a plastic Ziploc bag for storing....don't lose them I say!...I cannot wait to purchase other boxes of pudding and create other kinds of pops...IF diabetic you could purchase sugar free pudding and create these pudding pops for those with diabetes!....have fun! nice for spring & summer....create at home

~this is just for fun~

Many items I saw people purchasing today at the stores, I know are nice food items mostly...

Pop corn tins with pretty pictures
grand sized Snickers,  Reeses cups, Twix...giant!
tootsie rolls--smaller and the sticks, and tootsie pops
foil pans
wrapping paper, gift bags, tape
plush animals
Pixy Stix--candy powders
Red & green Sprees candy
Hershey's kisses
boxed chocolates
candy recipe ingredients
fruit/fruit trays/vegetable trays
already made pie crusts--Pillsbury & off brands
bread & rolls already-made
canned foods

Looking forward to Christmas because it is the Birthday of Joseph & Mary's son, Jesus! is a nice world wide Birthday party for HIM!... :)

all I can think about is trying to go back to sleep and rest some more...hopefully I will feel all better by Christmas day....oh well.


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