Friday, December 9, 2016

toys !.......

Donating toys to the Children's Christmas Toy Drives is always a wonderful and nice way to be kind and charitable this time of year.....

I know that many children simply cannot have a nice Christmas due to bad times, low income, and poverty....I think that every child should be able to have a gift for Christmas! we have all been a child before and I just think about how sad that it would have been for me if everyone else had gifts and toys and I didn't!....I always had gifts for the holidays, whether it was clothing, shoes, toys, or a new pet!..i was fortunate.....those are very nice gifts for anyone, any age!

Angel Tree is a ginormous Christmas Tree they have placed in the center of the mall and on it are placed small angel shaped cards with the ages and if they are a boy or girl gift needed, it may even say things they enjoy and are fond of for a gift....I have purchased a gift for this before and taken it back with the card/ornament it was attached to...these are kind ways to be charitable this time of year IF you have the extra dollars for a gift.....

Toys for Tots is another Children's toy charity and they have toy donation drives with local police, fire & rescue for toy donations this time of year..purchase new toys and take back to the building where they are having the toy drives..go ahead and donate if you can!

Toys are always brightly color hued, exciting to see in gift boxes and to unwrap, and fun....I have always enjoyed going through the toy aisles even at my age now and looking at all of the new toys for people of all

I walked down a toy aisle the other day and I saw many toys new & old I enjoyed seeing on the shelves toys like these:

Power Rangers
Ninja Turtles
Pooh and Friends
Plush animals
Star Wars
Disney toys & Disney princess dolls/characters
Board Games
Card Games
Bicycles with helmets
Little Mermaid
Ty Beanies & Ty Beanie Boos
Paw Patrol
Matchbox cars
HotWheels cars
Pet Shop toys
Sesame Street characters
Pets!  characters, OR adopt a real life pet as a gift!
Cooking set learning toys
costumes to dress up
PlayDough sets
coloring books
Christmas books & coloring books
Religious books for children
mini bibles for children
watercolor sets & coloring books
Crayola coloring pencils, markers & crayons
sticker sets
crafting sets for children
Science sets for children
Game consoles with games

AND I'm sure there are many other toys to find, purchase and gift to at the Dollar Trees, Dollar General/Family Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, the local mall maybe if you have many toys to gift to all ages....just whatever you can afford!...

DO NOT forget pet toys, bedding & treats/chewies for your pets! ;)

A gift can be so many items, be creative, and gift wrap in boxes, wrapping paper, gift a Christmas card with your gifts...I find so many beautiful Christmas gift wrapping, gift bags, gift boxes, Christmas cards, and other items affordably at Dollar Tree......


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