Monday, December 26, 2016

finding comfort in life.....

It is always simple for someone to be very uncomfortable with someone or something in their life....because so many people and situations are odd!

I know that many situations or people in our lives can cause stress, problems, anxiety, and be very unpredictable!.....but that is life.....I think that we need to keep searching for the good people and the good ideas, goodness to bring to our lives constantly!

looking for the day you can set there and say: "Today has been a very good day!" or at least have one day where you have no worries or upsets.....outside influences ruin those chances so we have to work on getting rid of the baddies/turmoils in our

If you have something or someone that is causing you stress, no peace, pain, money woes, or anger/sadness you need to find some way to RID your life of it/them peacefully kick it or them to the curb and say Adios! way, you can have comfort to your life and many more days of peace...

I don't like to have to put up with people or things/situations that bring upset, and constant turmoil to my life...I know that it is best to walk away and just go on with life and get the heck away from whatever annoying person or situation is causing me so much stress/upset....for many years that has been difficult for me, because of the constant situation...but I made it through all that mess by having hope for better days...NEVER give up on finding better days for your life...SEEK and you shall find good people, peace and comfort eventually!

It can be very difficult to rid your life of many people who you love who are just not good for you, you look at them one last time and go on with your life...can be upsetting but it is for the best......

and by ridding your life of the many horrible vices that only bring you down to the ground, harm you, and drain your bank accounts dry!.....addictions are crap too...those have to go away to bring peace & contentment to your life!

Finding contentment with good people who you are very comfortable being near, being friends with, being family with, or being in a loving relationship with are good for you always when they bring peace, happiness, many days of laughter, and comfort to your the same for them...

being comfortable with people who you have to be near is always a task, sometimes difficult moreso than work or a family member...just be peaceful and go on......

comfort is sort of like a nice warm sweater on a chilly day, you feel comfortable...I think friendships, family, and spouse/or boyfriend/girlfriend should be that comforting don't ever wish for turmoil, pain, sadness or anger when you love & care for others! had enough of that!

with a comfortable life and everything becoming better and better for you after working on ridding your life of all bad people and things, you know that is the best way to be happier in life and living within your means---being happy with what you have in life, and knowing that in order to be happy you have to work on being doesn't happen easily, it takes have to try.

nobody is happy all the time, and it is because of this or that in life, and I know that......I know that I am just like everyone else and I wish for comfort, happiness, better days with my takes a lot of work.


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