Thursday, June 2, 2016

keep pets cool, bathed, watered, fed, shaded.....


Went to town yesterday and I purchased a few word search books and a coloring book for colored pencils...I also went to Braum's for lunch and I got a Strawberry, Poppy Seed salad...oh, those are wonderful! They have strawberries, blueberries, pineapple chunks, almond slivers, grilled chicken, and the poppy seed dressing packet to pour over your salad!...Those are a good idea for summer dining!.....IF you have to take drug tests for work or whatever, remember that the Poppy Seed dressing can alter those results.....I'm not worried about that, but others may be....They also have other salads there at Braum's for those who cannot have sugar, those are good too!

I saw many people enjoying banana splits and sundaes...those look good!......


I have to give Goofball and my cats a bath today...I just give my cats a bath in a small plastic tub that I purchased for $3.....and I give Goofball a bath outdoors I just hold him on his leash and pour flea/tick soap on his fur, lather that all over him, and scrub his fur, not too harsh, but enough to clean well....I enjoy the nicely scented flea/tick soaps for dogs and cats..i use them all the time...I think I have talked about it before on here, just any brand is fine to use....he usually shakes dry and water goes everywhere and THEN he rolls on the ground and wiggles....haha! he makes me laugh he was running in circles yesterday and playing fetch with his rawhide roll...I kept giggling at him....

Pumpkin, Tigger, Rockie--my cats they don't like baths at all!...BUT they get a bath and they sleep better it seems..i do not immerse them all the way in the plastic tub for their bath because IF you do immerse them all the way, they can get kidney infections from the soapy I use a plastic bowl and pour the water over them and lather their fur, scrub lightly to get it clean and I hold them with one hand while I wash with the other...I try to get their paws clean because of nastiness from litter box also......They meow and hiss, it's funny how they hate baths! their fur is all soapy they look silly...I laugh because they have to have a bath!...Many people have dander allergies and they have to bathe their cats often......I dry them with a towel and in the winter time I use a blow dryer on their fur....

Groomers are good businesses to have locally to care for pets clippings, baths, cleaning of your pet, so I know many people can just take your pet to the local groomers if you can afford it...A good pet groomers locally here would be good...

It has been very hot weather lately, I cannot believe how hot it already is!...

ALWAYS keep pets in cool shaded area out of sun!
KEEP adequate water in bowls for them outdoors in shaded area from sun's harsh rays.

REMEMBER to CHANGE the water bowl every two days, because of nasty mosquito larva, wiggly worm larva that mosquito lay in your pet's water bowls can cause heart worms IF they ingest them!!!The sun can also cause nastiness in the water if you do not change it every two days...spoils water.

Many times I know of people purchasing those smaller plastic pools for their pets to keep cool in the shade in, they like to lay down and roll in the water!..haha! it's cute and they keep cooler this way, keep this water changed daily....they like to relax and stay cool too!

I know pets DO NOT need sugary snow cones or ice cream as treats for the summer to keep cool with, BUT my pets all like to chew on ice cubes in the summer...Goofball likes to chew on ice cubes, those you create in the ice cube trays are good for them to chew on, but if you have only a small dog it will need smaller ice cubes to chew on, my cats, like to bat the ice cubes with their paws and bite on ice cubes or roll on them!...haha!...they stay indoors only but they like an ice cube to play with on the floor, then I have to clean the giggle at those silly things all the time! just like Goofball they make me laugh everyday....

Our pets are family! and we need to always look out for them, take care of them, and love them!...The best friend you will ever have in life will be your pet!  They NEVER are evil to you, talk bad about you, or leave you, they love and care for you, AND we need to make VERY SURE we take proper care of them, don't let them get run over in the streets! sadness! keep them on leashes while walking them, and IF they stay outdoors let's always keep them shaded, well watered/fed, and corded on a tie-out cord so they will not become lost or killed by drivers in the street, roads/highways/interstates!!!...They are your family and we keep them safe and care for them, NEVER abuse them or hit them, NEVER scream at them! Just love and care for your pet they are your family!


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