Monday, June 20, 2016

humane training, rescue dogs....

Watched the Incredible Dog Challenge yesterday....Those dogs enjoy sports!...I know Goofball could probably compete in some of those! would need proper training....I think that is very neato that you can have your pets taught/trained to perform many different ways...

Dog trainers are needed everywhere, and I know that we can save many pets from shelters, train them to perform many helpful tasks for those who need help, give them good homes with those who will take good care of them!

pet trainers can help with pet discipline issues and humanely train them to become much better.....

Dogs and cats are both very intelligent/smart and can be trained to help everyone...

so many animals can be saved from being put down, and be trained to help everyone, I DO NOT think any pets should have to be put down because they cannot find homes for them....they CAN find many homes/people who will take them and give them a good happy, safe home...

Dogs can be trained to be very helpful to many people, that way they can ALL find good homes!--- 

seeing eye dogs
rescue dogs
emotional support and therapy dogs

I believe that any pet is good to have for emotional support and therapy for a person, they are your family/friends! they are helpful when you need a good friend to talk to and give hugs to!....My pets have been so very good for me to be family/friends with, take care of, and I know when I am having a bad day they make me laugh! and I feel better then....They are probably part of the reason 99% of the time I laugh or have better days......when I was very sick with kidney problems they helped me through those days....I love/care for my pets! and all animals.....always.

I think EVERYONE who is able to have a pet needs one in their life!!! They are definitely a blessing from above...Everyone should make VERY sure before you accept or purchase a pet that you will be able to ALWAYS care for your pet!...very upsetting if you cannot! :(   IF you cannot take care of your pet, take it to the local animal shelter/Humane Society they will try to find a good home for it......NEVER abandon, turn your pet out into the street!..awful and nasty to abandon your pets!...take them to the shelter/Humane Society....

I love the Humane Societies everywhere who are established to help animals, and keep them safe! These are needed all over the world to keep our animals friends safe! and help find good homes for them...

Everywhere we need to schedule fun events with the Humane Society/shelters/animal sanctuaries and that can create fun and people will start to become involved in saving animals and finding them good homes, creating awareness that we NEED to take care of our pets and find good homes for all animals needing help/care/and to be loved/placed with a good home!

These events that could be scheduled would be so very fun and give everyone something good to work toward, meet like-minded others, and give communities something wonderful to take part in!

Fundraisers can be created and money donated to help with shelters that DO NOT euthanize(I wish for them all to be NO euthanizing!)

Fundraising ideas----
we always enjoy the pet costume contests
pet walks for awareness
puppy/kitten football games
pet shows--everyone gets a ribbon!
donations of pet supplies/food to shelters/Humane society
local shelter/Humane society t-shirt sales to raise money
Art shows to benefit the shelters/Humane Society
Pet Fairs---Balloons, t-shirts, informational learning lectures, carnival type atmosphere all about pets!
Wine tasting events to raise money for animals
Pet parades--take your pet walking in the parades in costume
Animal Neuter/Spay events
Affordable Veterinarian visits
Pet Adoption Programs

local tv/radio can be very helpful to be involved in broadcasting many of these type events.

We always wish to bring goodness to the world, socialize with good like-minded others, help bring awareness to good causes!....Good organizations that help the world become a better place ALWAYS need help, so we should help those prosper and become plentiful to clean up the world!...These events are good for all countries, towns, cities that are striving for excellence and to become much better!

I enjoy the pet stores locally, they can be chain pet stores or individually owned...many items are all different prices, some too expensive/some more affordable.i enjoy the stores--

I had to give Goofball another flea/tick bath's been a week....I purchased a bottle of Happy Jack pet works for cats, dogs, ferrets it says! I enjoy the cute label of the dog and the flower...I purchased this at the feed store..often they have pet supplies...

my cats are all three, going to have another bath also, I think during summer they need bathed every week or so, Pumpkin cat is NOT going to like this! he will be very grouchy and angry! but he has to have a bath

anyway, I wish that we could have an affordable pet food for all pets that was more all natural! we just do not need for instance, a cat food with too many food dyes, my cats only puke whenever I have fed them a cat food with harsh coloring dyes, why have pet foods that make your pets sick?!!...they need to be dye/color free......

many times the food dyes in pet foods make them cats always are sick after ingesting a cat food with too many coloring/additives....affordable all natural would be good! Purina Naturals in the green sack is a good pet food....but we need many more...affordable!


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