Thursday, June 9, 2016

red, white, blue..... with stars and stripes......

I noticed that there are many patriotic Red, White, Blue items for purchase yesterday...Oh, it is so very nice to find!

I purchased a few plastic decorating items from Dollar Tree so I could have them already for the 4th of July!..they have them in most all chain stores....I found many items to celebrate the 4th of July with, I also purchased 2 sticker sets in colorful cats, and owls...they were the pop up add to my sticker collection....

Whenever you support your country and you live there you naturally wish to show support for it by purchasing items, wearing clothes, placing Flags and decorations for the celebrations there...all countries are equal and we need to always be thankful to be able to live there...
Every year I enjoy all of the red, white, blue...stars & stripes items they have for purchase...

I have many items that I collect in Red, White, Blue...I have always liked stars, and the red, white, blue together they look neato.

Ribbons are something that I purchased yesterday, along with a plastic cup...I like the party hats and everything! I like the Country charm/American items.....cute! very comforting and beautiful to decorate with...find them everywhere..wooden painted, decorated/adornments...I want all of it!

country charm

I enjoy seeing Red, White, Blue with stars/stripes on many different items, very professional and represents the country well...
I purchased a medium sized bag of Red, White, Blue M&M's the other day.....I know of the BombPops (popsicles) they too are Red, White, Blue I have enjoyed them for many years...

There are many other red, white, blue candies I wish I could find in stores---
Charm Pops
candy coated stars
tootsie rolls with the colorful wrappers
candy corn in the flag colors
printed lollipops in red,white, blue
Hershey's Kisses colorful foils

These would be so fun to have for 4th of July to celebrate with...I just adore the 4th of July party paper plates, cups, table cloths, décor, mini-flags....everything!
packaging on items
flags--all sizes

ALL wonderful!
I have a Jello mold that is very large is shaped like an American follow instructions on how to create the dessert for 4th of July entertaining...adorn the top with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped's cute!..i enjoy things like that....

Annin Flags is a company that creates American Flags, I support them, because they are made here in the USA...they are an old company and I like that! I have one of their flags in my yard near my bedroom window and it is just waving in the winds...I can hear it at night waving....I can always tell if the wind is strong or even blowing out there!

my favorite shape is a star and they are even cuter in the foils...I have always been fascinated with the star shaped colorful foil stickers, old style...

red, white, blue striped items are fun also!


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