Saturday, June 18, 2016

boxed fruit snacks ....

It has been very hot outdoors!...I have the air conditioning on daily, but I also have a bedroom window that leaks air terrible!..It can become so very hot on these summer days in a matter of seconds once the sun hits the window!....I had to place a blanket over the blinds/curtains/entire window to keep out the hot temperatures, I also have that window sealed off with plastic window doesn't work...but oh well.....I get sick often in the summer because of this + allergies...dust still gets through the window also!!!

Keeping blankets over windows indoors that face the heat all day is helpful to keep the home cooler, blinds and curtains are needed all the time, and sometimes you will find those thermal blackout curtains that help keep the heat/light out....It also helps to keep all lights off in your home during the day and all oscillating/ceiling fans on at all times to help keep cool.....It was 109 degrees yesterday, heat index..

My pets are all well taken care of and they are ok from the hot weather, they have shade, water, food, cool air, ice cubes to crunch on!

Going to have to find a good place to repair the lawnmower....It broke down yesterday evening...It seems as though finding a good lawnmower repair person is difficult!!!...I don't know why we don't have a local business/good repair team during the summer, there is one in a local town but he's always got about 200 lawnmowers ahead of me when I need my lawnmower to be repaired!...EVERY summer season it is like this!!! That is one business that is needed during summer season.....they could make a lot of money locally nearby here!

I was able to take my Grandma shopping yesterday and I purchased a box of fruit snacks...I have always enjoyed fruit snacks, they are slightly different than a gummy candy....They are supposed to be made with real fruit juice and I enjoy those!

I purchased a box of Looney Tunes, the snacks are shaped like the cartoon characters and other boxes are shaped also in all different colorful characters/designs....I really enjoy those as a snack during summer also....some called Gushers those have fruit juice in them that is contained in the fruit snack...I don't really like those, but many others probably do....I have tried many of the different boxed fruit snacks before...

a few brands I enjoy in fruit snacks are--

Hello Kitty
Scooby Doo
Farley's--can't find this brand anymore :(
Organic fruit snacks
Great Value

Fruit Roll-ups are also enjoyable during summer...they have the off-brands for those also, sometimes these can be pricey $5 a box for a few fruit often I purchase the off-brands in many different food items....

I like the fruit juice that these are created with...Fruit snacks are fun.


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