Friday, June 3, 2016

camping, fun, s' mores.....

Every summer season, many people like to go camping with family & friends....

Camping is a lot of fun at the lakes locally nearby that's what everyone likes to do, gather up everything that you need for a week of camping at the lake...oh, it's fun to camp outdoors for a week at the lake or maybe on your property if you have land, you can camp with friends/family!..

You need many items for camping:

Tents--all sizes for however large your camping group is
Portable grill-for cooking
Ice chests/Coolers with ice cubes
sodas, water, juices, Gatorade/PowerAde, Tea in cans/bottles
foil cooking wrap
food items--be sanitary keep cool in ice chests in plastic containers
Dutch ovens--to cook foods with..i enjoy these..old cowboy style campfire cooking
fire starting material for portable grill or to create campfire with
Mosquito repellent--spray on your skin.
sleeping bags/blankets
First-Aid kits
Clothing changes
Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues
Medicines--don't lose them!
sanitary wipes to wash hands with
trash bags to place trash in, OR place trash in trash cans there at campsites.
some money

Creating a campfire is necessary to camp outdoors and it is used for warmth and starting materials are needed, lighters, plenty of wooden materials are needed, papers are a good campfire starter, just keep adding to it to keep it going....These are allowed at most camping sites I suppose, and they are tradition! Set near the campfire, talk, sing songs, bring a guitar, look at the stars above, search for constellations...have fun!

often during the drought you cannot burn outdoors so make very sure there are no fire/hazard warnings at the time, because if you burn outdoors during these warnings you can start terrible wildfires or be in trouble with the police...yikes!

Many areas are designated camping sites, so check before you start your camp, look for a bathroom area first! helps out with that problem, you know where to find a bathroom at!...

S'Mores---are a fun sweet snack that are a tradition at camping sites...I like them...You just take plain chocolate candy bars(I like Cadbury or Hershey's or any affordable plain chocolate bar) and place a few pieces of broken off chocolate bar onto the top of one Graham Cracker square, then you add a giant marshmallow! like them.......I use CampFire Giant Roasters, and or Kraft Stackables, or the Giant brands also!..I don't place a Graham Cracker top on my S'mores I just use the bottom half Graham place S'more onto foil wrap, wrapped over and set near the campfire....don't burn and never leave unattended...Good!
Roasting Marshmallows---is also a campfire tradition and purchase skewers to roast them over the fire...I like roasted marshmallows!...everytime I smell one I think of camping....

FISHING is something that I like as an activity at the lake, it is relaxing and an old fashioned sport...I just like to throw them back when I catch them in the local lakes..You can take a boat that you may have that works properly with you to the lake and back into the water at the marinas and go fishing that way from your boat!...OR you can just fish from the side of the lakes....

In Oklahoma you have to have a state fishing license before you can you will need to purchase one before heading out there to the lake to fish...many areas are designated for fishing so you will find them.....You may also have to have boating license/permits too....I'm not sure on that...any machinery you drive on water often has to be licensed, with plastic tags placed on the sides....

ALWAYS remember when going onto the water you need to wear life-vests that will keep you you will not drown!..Be safe on the water!

Everyone needs a good tackle box to place your fishing gear in, they are everywhere and are affordable...I have a small tacklebox.....old but works well!

I like to take many items with me to go fishing:
Needle Nose Pliers--for removing hooks from fish mouth

Gloves---so you won't be finned!..yikes!
Minnows, Worms/Nightcrawlers, or plastic fishing baits, stink bait!---Shoo-Wee!
Minnow bucket--IF you purchase minnows from Bait shop.
Fishing Pole, rod, reel working properly
Fishing line
net with handle

Visit the bait shops! There are live baits you can purchase there, minnows, worms/nightcrawlers, mostly nearby....they should have ice cubes, snacks, refreshments, bathrooms--all clean! gear for purchase, sunscreen, cheap vests, maybe a snack bar/grill---ALL very sanitary and clean...I wish that we had clean bait shops and many more new businesses at the would be so nice to see that and it all cleaned up out there!...also add a small grocery store, and/or gas stations in more areas, maybe? would be helpful...

Swimming, water skiing, boating, driving the wave runner on the lake are all fun!..I like to drive them on the lakes! Fun!...REMEMBER to wear bright orange/yellow life vests at all times when going onto the water at lakes or oceans....We need to always be safe while at the lakes and NEVER leave children unattended they can become lost, kidnapped, or hurt terribly, or killed, so always watch them!....stay together as a group, family/friends.

I don't think that pets should be taken to the lakes, or oceans because they can become lost, drown, and be stolen, just leave them home with plenty of water, food, shelter or pay a friend/family member to watch them for you IF you will be gone camping a week or more....I would worry too much about mine if I took them to camp..just relax and leave pets at home with plenty of extra water/food, shelter, attended, if you will be gone a few days....pets outdoors--make sure they are corded on tie-out cords and have shade, food, water also at home....take good care of them while you leave for the lake or the ocean to go camping...


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