Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the nation and state government....

Every nation and every state need to have structure.

We should all wish for where we live to be excellent and productive, and you can only achieve this by having a well structured government with individuals who love their nation and/or their state they dwell in!

Government officials need to be elected by the public who choose them by voting....These individuals who are elected need to NEVER be corrupt and NEVER betray their nation/state where they live! We all need to wish for the best for where we live, and wish for the best for those people of our nation, and state!

We DO NOT need any clowns running any office or holding any position in government!...lol

Governing bodies need to all be elected, evaluated, monitored and NEVER be corrupt! They should know what they are working toward and it should always be well chosen and good....I have seen so many things go on with government that I just want to ask....Why did you do that?!!....I know what they always say Politics, Politics and so on....But we should be serious about who we have running our Nation and our States!!!

I love my country, and I know that we should always love our country and we should be able to have the opportunity to have a nice, clean, well structured, well monitored government that is NEVER corrupt, too many times those Big wheels like to run things when they have too much money from corruption and their money allows them to run for political offices, and governmental work occupations and control things...very upsetting and scarey!

I don't like to talk about politics!...boring!...BUT I know it is something many people are very serious about, I just know we need clean government that is well structured and not corrupt...

We need so many things cleaned up in all governing bodies---

Good, trustworthy, dependable, evaluated/monitored individuals need to be in offices that know what is good and right for our nation and states!

Supreme Courts and all officials in office
Supreme Court Judges

just all of them! need cleaned up!

In our state there are so many individuals that need to be cleaned up and/or gone from offices!...I have heard so many stories about all these individuals running things everywhere, all their wild nasty women like to talk!....Haha!...oh the things you will hear about these people!...I have laughed for years, my family has told so many stories about nasty wild women and drugs, corruption with people of power that they knew or slept with!....lol........AND I will see these high ranking officials on the local tv news being so political and proper, and I just giggle at them!....I don't know how they're not embarrassed because you know they have to wonder if people know about all their bad behavior!....haha!

state officials need cleaned up...too many nasty stories, not enough professionalism!

town/city councils/boards/officials
lieutenant governors
district attorneys

just all of them too....need cleaned up and to be monitored for corruption!

everywhere all over the world we need to rid our nations and states of corruption in these governmental areas....


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