Thursday, June 16, 2016


Blue birds are one of my favorite birds.

They are blue, my favorite color, and when I see them I feel somewhat happier and more content...Just knowing that there is a bird that is blue makes me smile!

They are graceful and peaceful birds...They are cheerful whenever I see them...I suppose I would be cheerful all the time if I were blue!

The Eastern Bluebirds have a peachy feathered tummy/breast...that is so neato! It is the color hue peach. I think some of them have this, others like the Mountain Blue bird are all blue....

They enjoy flying around my garden so much, I know they are looking for insects to enjoy for a meal!........

I read somewhere that they like raisins soaked in water for a meal.....good!.......meal worms are good to place in birdfeeders for them....they also enjoy those....They can have all those!....icky to think about having a plate of mealworms!.....Bluebirds need to have those at dinner...not me!

I saw a bluebird yesterday having a quick snack....he caught a grasshopper near my garden....I sure am happy that he is flying nearby there, he can have all the insects he wants to catch!..

Female Bluebirds create their nest usually and I read that it may take them ten days to complete building the nest...that's a lot of work....

I know I would like to see many more Bluebird designs on items, and a plush bluebird to place in my room..oh that would be cute!

Available already is the Bluebird Bakery brand and I enjoy those!..The brand is very beautiful and I wish that they had more of those brand items locally....

a Bluebird could offer me a cupcake anytime....just don't offer me a

Bluebirds are so graceful, beautiful and seem to be cheerful...they are one of my favorite birds! they make me smile.


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