Saturday, June 11, 2016

safety !...Heat exhaustion.....

The weather is going to become much hotter the next couple of days the tv says...I am not looking forward to those 113 degree days! It sometimes will reach that temperature here and I just do not like excessive heat...I just hope the air conditioner keeps is way too hot without it...I know it will be will have to be!

I know that in the hot weather it is best to take safety precautions to prevent Heat Exhaustion, Heat Strokes...for you, your friends/family and your pets...

Hot Weather Awareness

Drink plenty of Water, PowerAde, Gatorade
Wear lighter clothing, not very dark colors, and lighter fabric type--shorts/T-shirts are good
Purchase Flip-Flops wear them! affordable
Wear Sunglasses
Wear Hats to shield face from sun
Shaded areas are good to rest, relax, park your car underneath, shade trees are good.
Icy drinks, Popsicles, Snow cones are good to cool off with
Ice water...cools you down
Ceiling, Oscillating, hand-held fans are needed...use them all summer season.
Cooled/Chilled/Icy Cold Bandanas tied over wrists or neck loosely will help you cool down.
Take portable thermal ice water cup holder with you...I have a medium sized water keg.
Listen to the tv about the hot weather, often here they issue Excessive Heat Weather Warnings on the you will know about those warnings and take precautions....

When working in hot sun outdoors, make very sure you pay attention to how you feel.
IF you feel dizzy, upset tummy, shakey, confused, feeling you may faint, stop what you are doing and find some shade, an ice cubed water, and relax a could have a heat stroke and it is very serious to take safety precautions....

NEVER leave anyone, or any pets in the vehicle unattended, in the hot sun/hot weather at all! It can be only seconds while you leave them in the vehicle to go into the store and they can suffer heat exhaustion and die!..Upsetting! happens almost every summer season many people and pets die from heat exhaustion in the vehicle...ALWAYS roll windows down some when you have a pet, children, or someone else setting in the vehicle while you go into the store for a few minutes....Be careful and make very sure they are safe! Heat Exhaustion can happen in only a few minutes...

I know many people like to drink alcohol and drinking alcohol during the hot weather days is not good for you, it only makes heat exhaustion worse!..IF you wish to drink a beer, glass of wine, or other liquor, Drink only at home....setting on the front porch in the shade is always good....Drink in the evenings, stay off the streets, DO NOT drink and drive!...drink some and then go to bed if you wish or don't drink at under the cooling fans and air conditioner IF you have the air conditioner, too many people suffer from this hot weather.

Make VERY certain that your outdoor pets are cool in this hot weather!!! Plenty of fresh cooled, clean water, shade for your pet under the tree if you can, and IF you do not have any shade place a leash onto their collar and take them to the front porch with you....OR build/construct them some shade with boards, nails, hammer.....Many times Cats/Ferrets/Birds/Dogs/Reptiles--(pets) live in the home with you, so they can rest there under the fans/air conditioning...Take care of them everyday!...some dogs live in the home and some live outdoors but REMEMBER we need to keep them all well watered, fed, and cool from the hot weather they too can suffer heat exhaustion and die. :(

Pets paws can be burned on hot pavement, sidewalks, streets so make very sure they are not burned on the hot areas they walk on...stay at home on the lawn or on shaded porch with you, with leash and collar on...don't let them run away from you!...

GoofBall enjoys ice cubes to chew on sometimes during summer..he's a Goofy dog!..Sometimes during the hot weather I will go to town and stop by either Sonic, Braum's, Burger King, or Whataburger and purchase a small Jr burger for Goofball as a snack in the hot weather he enjoys those with cool water....I bring it back home for him..they cost about $2 is all.....I just purchase that for him sometimes during summer season...

IF you have many dogs, save money for Jr Burger snack days. if you wish is nice for me to purchase this for him sometimes in summer....not all the can also create them a Jr. burger right off of your grill at home and give to them....they enjoy this as a snack...only sometimes.

Dehydration can happen to anyone and it will happen quickly in the very hot weather so we need to always be very careful and take safety precautions before it happens for all of us and our animals/pets....A very cool PowerAde or Gatorade can help with rehydrating for me!

ALWAYS check on the elderly and make very sure they are cool, safe, comfortable, they can become ill easily in the hot weather! No one needs to become over heated!

Cooling fan drives can be held in many areas where people need them and this is something I have helped with at church and it is needed in many areas all over the world....People donate clean/sanitized cooling fans and/or money to purchase them....Good for everyone to help out others with.

IF you can, going to town earlier in the day and running errands, shopping is better to go earlier, return home, and stay out of the hot weather...might help keep you cooler.

Stay cool.


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