Tuesday, June 21, 2016

salmon patties for summer.....

One of the quickest summertime dinners can be created with a canned food item.

The doctors always say: "A person needs to have more fish with meals, good for your heart, Omega-3's, fatty acids" and I have always enjoyed some fish with meals, living in Oklahoma we are mostly chicken, salad, meat & potatoes, or mostly Mexican cuisine....We are too far from the coast to have a lot of fish/seafood with meals...I know fish is much healthier...I enjoy cooking most everything....If I have time.

You can purchase Salmon already pressure cooked in the can, this is sometimes good, not everyone likes it, but I enjoy creating Salmon patties from these cans..You can sometimes find Salmon with no bones in the can(Chicken of the Sea)...but that's cheating! that's too simple!...lol....I cook Salmon patties the old-fashioned way.....

The brands
Honey Boy
Pink Beauty
Best Choice
Chicken of the Sea all good....

Salmon Patties

I always have the can opened, turn it upside down in a small bowl, the Salmon chunk will be upside down....it is already cooked.

I take my hands and gently break the Salmon chunk in half length-wise...You will find so many pressure cooked bones in the center of the chunk. Remove the bones with your hands, or sometimes you just leave them for extra calcium if you wish...I remove them...

Throw the bones in the trash can, Break one egg into another bowl, then place the egg into the salmon chunks, mash all this with a fork. Crumble/Crush a handful of Saltine Crackers, place this into the salmon chunk mixture, mix with spoon thoroughly....Add salt/pepper, lemon juice if you wish. (You can use Panko bread crumbs in the place of Saltines...2 handfuls of Panko bread crumbs)

Form into patties just like you would Hamburger patties. Mash with your hands.

In a skillet pour a small amount of Canola oil for lightly frying your Salmon patty. Lightly brown.

You can also place these on the outdoor grill.Place foil wrap ontop of grilling area, lightly coat the salmon patties with Canola oil...Cook until light brown.

Use tartar sauce on the Salmon patties.You can make tartar sauce or purchase it.

I usually enjoy making Macaroni & Cheese, and then some sweet green peas with this dish.

AND you've completed cooking them!....lol...

Easier for cooking in summer, fairly simple...i like these often for a meal.

Red Lobster and Long John Silvers are the two restaurants that we have locally for seafood, also there's one in Medicine Park that was good, I don't know if it is still up and running anymore...

BUT anyways, at Long John Silvers I enjoy the fried fish with Malt vinegar/tartar sauce(I enjoy most everything they have on the menu there).....then at Red Lobster I just order a small platter, a salad, cheese garlic biscuits(those are good)....

when the doctors wish for everyone to have fish, I know it is healthier sometimes...good for your heart health....good during the summer season.


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