Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Agriculture / Farming Informative talks.....

I think that when people are able to be apart of Agriculture and can farm, they should have available free public talks with representatives from local Agriculture Departments..

They have them locally sometimes and they showcase knew techniques for farming, new items that are available to help with your farm...they sort of advertise all the new items you can use and purchase to help with your farm.....

New equipment, new agri-treatments for land, crops, cattle, and new techniques that are better for the farmer to understand...sometimes they are impossible to understand! they need practice and to be taught how to run them properly and repair them.....haha!

they constantly have new scientific technology they invent and work on to help simplify the farmer/rancher/cattleman's life, it may take years to invent new items, but I enjoy keeping up on all the new inventions, treatments, and easier ways to farm/ranch.....I just like this stuff!

the local public Agriculture/Farmer/Rancher public talks are usually at a public building and EVERYONE who wishes to learn some new info on these areas can attend...sometimes they are free, sometimes you are invited by fliers in the mail, and sometimes they may have a small fee to attend....they always have coffee and may last several

These Agriculture/Farming/Ranching talks would be good for everyone to go out and enjoy and people who are new to this kinda life would be able to meet others locally, talk, and learn new ideas of farming....good social way to meet other farmers/ranchers.....I know that when people are just starting out farming, cattle business.....they may be nervous, but learning that there are others out there who may be feeling the same, that's sort of comforting I'm sure.....

new innovative ideas are something I am interested in.

anyway, just thinking about all those talks because they have some this time of year usually..

I know that the winter will be here before too long, and I enjoy being able to get out there in all the weather elements and check on the cattle, hay and feed them, break the frozen ponds so the cattle can drink, check fences, snowflakes and icicles are everywhere.....I don't know why I enjoy that so much, but that's just fun to's nice to be able to focus on your work like that, and know that these things aren't easy, but they have a simplicity to them, because it's just you and a bunch of hungry moos!...haha!.....

I enjoy being able to just stare out across a field from my back yard and see nothing but trees, cows, and a field and hear not one noise except cows mooing.......I'd never live in a city!!!....I have to have wide open spaces, a beautiful sky, and plenty of quiet!....that's just me.

it has always been rather fun for me, (for some weird reason) to go into a local small town and see all the farmers, ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls all setting at the tables at the local cafes and listen to them talk about their farm, and what they have been working on.....They just gather at the tables, enjoy morning coffee, have noon meal, and they're always talking and/or "shooting the shit" as they say.....they're covered in dust or dirt, and smell like a pasture and they don't care!....haha.....

AND when you are through for the day and you may venture into town for something like fuel, feed, or to get a drink, you are totally covered in dust/dirt/mud...your hair is a mess, you smell like a pasture, your clothes are just old work clothes, your boots are covered in cow shit, you don't know what time it is other than by seeing the sun in the western sky, you know it's close to evening.....that's beautiful to me!....and you're so tired you don't even care you look a mess!.....and you fall to sleep that night peacefully after a bath....I suppose that's what I enjoy about it all......a lot of work.


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