Friday, October 21, 2016

have a costume party !......

It's that time of year when traditions take place, for the Fall Season.

I see in the stores many costumes for end of the month celebrations!....I know the Fall Festivals all have or are taking place locally and with that often we have costume parties there...I have always thought it would be neato to host a Costume Party / Fall Celebration indoors at home with friends and family.....

Cosplay people enjoy the costumes creation and wearing them always....I know they like to create their own costumes sometimes also...or purchase them.

Finding the right costume for you, If you attend a costume contest or party, or you host your own costume party, or create your own sewing one, is all your choice what costume you wear....that's always the fun part is deciding who or what you will be in your costume....I always enjoyed those costume contests in the Fall season....

If you have children attending a seasonal candy safe house event at churches or schools they may also have these costume contests....these can be extra fun for the children and hopefully safer for them...go with them always!

Pets can also wear some costumes for contest locally and they may even attend a costume party IF allowed to attend...I think the pet costume contests are adorable and cute! these are also fun social events that may be fundraisers for local humane societies and pet shelters so always attend with your pet in costume if you can....good social event to meet friendly and say hello!

Choosing the perfect costume for your pet is always fun too, I know how fun that can be, BUT we MUST ALWAYS make very sure that they do not ingest their costume or become tangled in their costume this is dangerous, and they don't need to be grouchy with other pets attending the contests or event, SO watch them and keep them tended to....

Hosting a Fall Seasonal party at your home, is always welcome to those you know, trust and adore!!! Invite them over in the evening/night, have on your costumes, have desserts, snack foods, refreshments to drink, have your costume contest, award silly fun inexpensive prizes, play board games, have candies, decorate and celebrate in your costumes for Fall season by the 31st...I usually enjoy this by the 31st of October!!!...I think we should all enjoy these events, be friendly, have fun and paint your face up to match your costumes if you need face paint, sometimes you need the face paint, sometimes not! silly, laugh, talk, have fun and be safe in your home....

sometimes you can find just the character masks and you just wear plain clothing with them, these are sometimes more affordable, just get creative and have fun with this!

You can find your costumes at many stores locally, places like--

Party City
Wally's Party Store
Dollar General
Dollar Tree--may have something I don't know yet..
Specialty costume stores, like they have in the malls--may be pricey so check everywhere..

Accessories like, the costume pieces and the face paints you can find everywhere I think.


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