Monday, October 10, 2016

art paint.....

Creative expression is one of the best ways to show others how you are feeling....or show yourself how you are feeling! might look at it later and think: "Something was wrong with me!"

I know that whenever you have some form of Art you can put your feelings out there, whether it is by writing, painting, crafting, something fun for your mind to work on, you always have many colorful hues, inks, and palettes to choose from....

Painting is something I enjoy when I have a challenging time, figuring out how I feel about something.....mine is most always Blue or Green colors all the when I step back and look at something I have painted or created, I always wonder why those colors so much?

sometimes you have to mix colors to create just the color you are looking for....that's what the white/lighter paints are most used can create many hues..I don't mix those often, because I just try to find a box of paints with many colors....can be pricey, but I have a medium size box I purchased from a crafting store....

Water colors have always been fun to use, and when I was younger I always was excited to be gifted a watercolor set to mix and paint with.....

Crafting paints for painting crafted wood art projects I enjoy those also.

Metallics, Neons, Glow-in the Dark, Face Paints, and Glitter paints are favorites too.

many different types of paints, the ones I have used are:


Brands that I have used----

Apple Barrel, Americana, and Folk Art--I have used for many years...crafts

Painters--Paint Markers
Daler-Rowney Simply
water color pencils--Essentials brand
Loew-Cornell watercolors
Reeves--Water colors
Cra-Z-Art watercolors for kids
Winsor & Newton
Palmer Prism Acrylic jar paints

just all kinds of brands, these are all different prices.

winter time is a good time to paint or craft when you have to stay indoors so much, and these help to relieve boredom during winter....these are good to purchase and have saved for winter time!....and many other craft projects, sewing projects.....just purchase and will be here before we know it!

Go have fun and paint this winter in your home!


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