Tuesday, October 11, 2016

saying thank you....

A person should always let everyone know they appreciate everything they have done that is very kind and anytime you save someone's life, you let them know you care, or you keep them safe from danger, I always want to tell everyone how much I appreciate them for everything they continue to do to keep me alive and well, and everything kind thing they do everywhere.

Often it takes many many people to keep someone well, doctors, nurses, technicians, security, and just having someone there to let you know they care and are able to watch over you.....

I would always wish to tell EVERYONE who has ever kept me well, safe, and from danger just how much I appreciate them for that!!!

There has always gotta be some way to show them how much you appreciate something someone does to help you, keep you safe & secure...

ALWAYS tell them THANK YOU, for all the kind things people do for you that you appreciate.....that is very professional and cordial to do so.....

Showing appreciation for all the kindness is something we all need to try and do at all times...there is much kindness in the world, and there is also so much evil in the world.....So when we are able to find goodness or kindness from someone let them know how much you appreciate that!

Sending gifts, letters, balloons, flowers, cards....there are many other ways to show someone you appreciate them......you can by mail, or deliver gifts in person, and personally tell them Thank You also!.....

be thoughtful always, show you appreciate everything, show you care, and more people should.

Spending time with those who have been so very kind and gracious is also another way to show them you appreciate their kindness!

Whenever someone shows you respect, you always need to have respect for them also.

be a gentleman.    be a lady.   have some class!

say Thank You.


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